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Concerns About Blood Labwork-High EOS and SGPT

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  • Concerns About Blood Labwork-High EOS and SGPT

    I am looking for a little feedback on my the labwork I just received. I am not suprised or concerned by the lipid section, though I did have a high value on my LDL. I will include that section for that reason.

    What I am really looking for is some insight into why my EOS and SGPT values are high. I eat a low carb paleo diet, exercise at least 3xweek, and don't drink alcohol. Meats are mostly grass fed and organic. Lots of organic eggs. Minimal dairy except organic pasture butter.

    The following are my flagged labs and the lipid section:

    ALT (SGPT): 53 HIGH (0-44 Normal range)

    Iron, Serum: 168 HIGH (40-155 Normal range) *I love grass fed beef*

    Total Cholesterol: 250 HIGH (100-199 Normal range)
    Triglycerides: 68 (0-149 Normal range)
    HDL: 61 (>39Normal range)
    VLDL Cholesterol Calc: 14 (5-40 Normal Range)
    LDL Cholesterol Calc: 175 High (0-99 Normal Range)
    T. Chol/HDL Ratio: 4.1 (0.0-5.0 Normal Range)
    Estimated CHD Risk: 0.7 (0.0-1.0 Normal Range)

    EOS: 8 HIGH (0-7 Normal Range)

    Again, I am really hoping to get some feedback as to what the elevated EOS and SGPT might indicate. My quick research has taught me that elevated EOS can mean a few different things, with allergic reactions and gut issues are possibilities. In the past I have had elevated SGPT when I wasn't taking care of myself and drank alcohol heavily. I have not had any elevated liver enzymes in years. I haven't drank alcohol in years either.

    The only symptoms I can report are chronic constipation, some fatigue, and my body holding on to abdominal fat while shedding the rest of my body fat.

    Opinions would be appreciated!

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