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Please help me - Acne - Help/Advice needed desperatly

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  • Please help me - Acne - Help/Advice needed desperatly

    Last september i had been paleo for about 9 months, i came off all hormonal BC and started to get spots, the odd one here and there that were big and lasted a long time. I was then advised to get a mirena coil fitted which made the acne worse and worse, I had that taken out in March and since then have still been struggling with acne.

    I have it only on my lower cheeks, just the odd pimple now and then, my jaw line, regular pimple, and under my chin, again only the odd one or two. I would describe my acne as light – light/moderate. This might not sound bad but it is constant and I just am now at a loss with what to do or try next.

    I don’t drink any milk and have only a little bit a cheese a few times a week (sometimes more)
    I do drink a couple of drinks once a week (sometimes not at all some weeks) so my alcohol intake is light and infrequent. I am paleo so don’t consume any grains and or vegetable fats or lectins etc etc and am moderately active.

    I have been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, but not polycystic ovary syndrome. I do have a little unwanted hair from the polycystic ovaries as well but no hormonal imbalance.

    Recently I have begun the system and it has been somewhat successful, but very drying, irritating and I feel I may have to be like this forever as it is not a cure.

    I have heard using a mixture of different essential oils can help to ‘dure’ acne, for example using rose wood oil to reduce sebum and tea tree oil to kill the bacteria.

    I am at a loss with which direction to go in now, and would really appreciate and welcome any advice from thise who have ‘cured’ their acne or successfully manage it keeping it at bay with as little side effects as possible.

    thank you

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    After a long time fighting acne, and using all sorts of facial cleansers, and even harmful antibiotics and medications, I can say that the solution is internal. The best way forward is to focus on your gut health, maybe even the GAPS diet. Antibiotics and other medications are counterproductive, and so is trying to "beat" your skin into submission with all these cleansers and stuff.

    My skin has improved a lot by simply improving my gut flora, and digestion, and eating low-carb (relative to CW). If your insulin is often being spike by sugar, you'll probably have skin problems. Also, not using cleansers helped tremendously. All they do is strip the oil out of your skin, temporarily getting rid of acne, but making your skin health worse. The problem is not oil, it's an agitated immune system cause by other problems, and can be somewhat aggravated by hormones levels.


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      I was having hormonal acne like you describe. I recently dropped eggs (about a month now) and have seen major improvements! Might be worth a try.


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        i have decided to stop using the BP on my face, its just not the answer


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          Indeed. My acne pops up if I eat something I should'nt, especially if I eat it at the wrong time of the month. Still trying to figure out precisely WHEN 'the wrong time of the month' actually is but, meh, female hormones.

          Are you using any products at all? Soaps to wash your face? If so, then cut it. I agree, the way to cure acne is through diet, not touching your face, and a good washing policy that isn't overdone. Also by good-quality ACV, but that's my personal preferences.


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            I think it is largely internal/hormonal, and since the ovaries are over-acting, that's probably where the source of the problem is.

            In the mean time, olive oil cleansing might be helpful. It seems counter-intuitive, but it works. Just do a google search. Do not use coconut oil if you are acne prone.


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              I experienced mild hormonal acne just like you described, mainly on lower face and neck. A few painful long-lasting cystic type ones too. I researched the Internet and now take a fermented cod liver oil, that is mixed with a butter oil, daily. It tastes pretty horrid but the results, after about two months, have been great. Not one cystic pimple and only one small pimple which healed very quickly. The cost of the fermented cod liver and butter oil is quite high, especially because I live in Australia. The acne situation was impacting how I felt about myself so I think it is worth it. Also as the cod liver oil is high in Vitamin D I no longer take that supplement. Best of luck with it all and I hope your skin improves


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                I had chronic acne for almost 10 years, and no facial products or antibiotics helped. I now suspect it was due to regular consumption of vegetable oils. I also had polycystic ovaries though all my hormone tests was 'normal'. For me it was an insulin problem that resolved itself after some months of lower-carb eating.

                I agree with all of the above that acne issue is largely internal. I also want to add that it may take some time for the acne to resolve itself even after improvement in diet and gut health. At the time when my acne started to clear up, it took awhile for all the existing pimples to mature and dry out (sorry, don't know the exact terms for these in English!), and then even longer for all the scars to fade.

                I second the oil cleansing method. My skin improved tremendously when I stopped using facial cleansing products.

                Oh, I just remembered... last month I got a huge pimple around my nose piercing (first pimple in over a year), and I used Sudocrem on it. The pimple disappeared in a couple of days. I was amazed. Sudocrem is very effective for nappy rash, and I've heard of people using it successfully for acne.

                Also, just want to ask-- can it be stress? Stress aggravates all sorts of health issues...


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                  i think stress might be an issue, as i have been stressed over the last year, having every possible major stressful situation that could happen happen. i have bought some simple non comedgenic products that i hope will help and have made a toner and an acne treatment from all natural essentil oils, aloe vera and water - so topically i am hoping that helps

                  i am cutting out dairy and am going to start with the omega 6 supplementation and might pop some zinc in too!

                  i really am at the end of the road as it really effects how i feel about myself