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I ate about 1/8th of this recipe.... still hungry?

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  • I ate about 1/8th of this recipe.... still hungry?

    I ate about 30 minutes ago, and still feeling hungry. I ate about 1/8th of the whole recipe....... on the surface it seems like a reasonable amount of food, so why am I still hungry? And if it were you, would you eat some more food? I just woke up an hour ago, so essentially, this was my "breakfast".

    8 slices of bacon - diced
    5ish cups of mixed chopped peppers
    1 large chopped onion
    3 cloves of chopped garlic
    4 TBS of chili seasoning
    3 pounds of ground meat.... I used 1 pound of Bison and 2 pounds of pork... use what you like or have
    28 ounce can of diced tomatoes
    2 OUNCES of habanero sauce.... or whatever you like
    1 pretty large spaghetti squash
    salt / pepper to taste

    In case anybody was wondering, basically it is chili, with the squash replacing the rice.

    EDIT..... I feel like I am always hungry, even when I eat more than I think I should.... and I am in a plateau, and have been for several weeks, basically.

    EDIT 2.... I can't fast or eat a lot at once.... I am diabetic.
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    Starting weight 285ish ( scale is acting funny so I don't trust it, but 285 is close )
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    Main Goal - To be healthy for my family... I have an awesome family.
    Other Goal - to get off some medications
    Final goal - to get to about 180 pounds by 2014
    NEW GOAL - When I can start a new journal called "Your dad is not so fat!"

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    I'd eat at least half of that before thinking about slowing down. I'm really starting to think that the only reason Primal has worked for me is that I have never, and will never, be afraid to eat enough. You have GOT to get those nutrients into your body so it can work properly. You want a HOT fire that can handle anything? Put a LOT of wood in it!

    Put the fork down when you can feel your stomach pushing out under your ribcage. We're designed for feast and famine, not nit-picky little-of-this, little-of-that B.S. So eat until you're beyond stuffed and then fast for a day. Have you tried a small eating window? Can you eat a day's worth of food in one to four hours?
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      Just looking at the amount of meat, I'd eat at least 1/3 of that for a meal, I think. 1/8 is a snack!
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        I have found that some days I am hungrier than other days. If it's a hungry day, I eat big meals and much on primal snacks when I want, on the other days I might eat 1 or 2 meals and not snack all day. Listen to your body and watch the results. Go ahead and eat what you want for a week and then if your pants are tighter you will know that it didn't work and can move on to another technique, but chances are, you'll be just fine. Remember to keep up your primal movements, and use the energy you ingest.

        P.S. I'm at a plateau too, but I just got back from a week of over eating and I'm still at the same place I was when I left home. Try not to stress, just let your body do it's thing.


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          Yeah, I can't fast.... I am diabetic....

          LOL, NW, you eat a whole pound of meat for a meal at 120 pounds? I'm 270ish, and that would be more than I would eat - most of the time.... I surely have eaten that much before, though.
          Start Date 9.24.12
          Starting weight 285ish ( scale is acting funny so I don't trust it, but 285 is close )
          CW - 271 pounds
          First Goal - 255 by 2013
          Main Goal - To be healthy for my family... I have an awesome family.
          Other Goal - to get off some medications
          Final goal - to get to about 180 pounds by 2014
          NEW GOAL - When I can start a new journal called "Your dad is not so fat!"

          Your Dad is So Fat


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            I think the same way as the others, an 1/8 for a man isn't enough. I would have eaten at least 1/4 if not 1/3, especially for breakfast. Obviously, you dont want to pig out, but if you are still hungry eat more. Remember, primal isn't about small meals 5 times a day. You can always skip a meal later if still full. When I bother with a great recipe, I often just eat it and a snack before bed.
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              Are you on insulin, or diet controlled?
              Sorry~ misread the OP
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                I would eat more. There are days when I'm hungry for most of the day, and there's no online forum or anything/anyone that would stop me from eating. As long as it's Primal foods (that looks like an awesome meat-veggie combo you got there) I really see no problem with eating till you are satiated. Personally I tend to overeat at times (hate the word binge). Usually for me that means I won't be as hungry the next day and I'll eat much less, so it balances out.

                p.s. at approx. 120 lbs, I can easily eat a pound of meat in one sitting. I'm going for 14oz. grilled salmon for dinner tonite.


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                  1/8 of that is nooooothing!
                  I would easily eat 1/3.. maybe even 1/2 of that...

                  My Hubby "was" diabetic (he no longer test in the diabetic range at all) he eats the same way I do.. we eat when were hungry.. which is usually just Breakfast & supper.. usually nothing in between (& sometimes not even breakfast)
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                    Any recipe that says it serves four really serves two in my opinion. So yours serves 8, which means there are four servings as far as my stomach is concerned.

                    Knifegill needs to eat a lot because he's a young guy building lots of muscle and kind of in a growth state with his hormones and everything. If you are nearly 300lbs and diabetic, you can eat until you are satisfied but there's no need to stuff yourself.

                    Eating this kind of real healthy food will fix your appetite regulation after several months. At least it did for me. I can actually trust my appetite now.
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                      Same thing others have said, just phrased differently:

                      You ate (in essence):

                      1 slice bacon ~50kcal
                      3/4 cup of mixed chopped peppers/onion ~30kcal?
                      6 ounces of ground meat....given the mix of meats ~400-500kcal
                      3.5 ounce of canned diced tomatoes ~20kcal?
                      1/8th spaghetti squash ~50kcal?

                      Totals out to maybe 550 to 650 kcal as I read it...maybe add 100kcal for cooking oils and the like, maybe not.

                      Yesterday my breakfast was:
                      1 (14.5oz) can of salmon ~600kcal
                      3 eggs ~270kcal
                      bunch of brussel sprouts, 7-10 shoots of asparagus, 1 bell pepper (didn't precisely measure) maybe ~100kcal
                      bacon fat for cooking ~100kcal
                      1 ounce smoked cheddar ~120kcal

                      Totals out to about 1200kcal, about double what you ate. When lunch time rolled around I decided to go to the park and do a 1hr walk instead of eating. In other words, I wasn't hungry right away. I did have lunch, I just wasn't starved for more half an hour after eating.

                      I'm not going to claim my food was "primal" really...I used ingredients I've been buying far longer than I've known the term "primal" as it relates to food/lifestyle. The main change is that two months ago I would've gotten up later, rushed out the door, stopped on my way to work for a (much smaller/less satisfying) breakfast burrito or the like, and then had an early lunch too. I'm in about the same weight class as you BTW, and I am dropping weight.


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                        Huge difference here when it comes to age, activity level etc. I would certainly feed that amount to my hubby, who is a bit overweight and pretty sedentary right now. For me I would need less carb in that though. Lately when I have had chili I feel tired and uncomfortable, so last time I took some out of the freezer I added a half of an extra burger. Felt much better. The other thing is to have a spoon of coconut oil or other extra fat.
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