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Any primal non-christians here?

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  • Originally posted by cruncan View Post
    To all who said I should get out of the relationship, well tonight I did. I ended it and now I'm a single man. Feels a little weird, but enough is enough and it's time for a change. Where to go now? Any single ladies in the house??? lol
    Congratulations on having the courage to choose what is right for you. Might I suggest, however that you make the decision to avoid another close relationship until you don't "need" it. Instead of going looking for another single lady, look to making yourself so comfortable in yourself that the relationship comes as a bonus, instead of a necessity, and when you aren't needy any longer then they will come to you in sufficient numbers that you can be choosy.

    Re religion. I used to be strongly religious trying to fill an existential hole and find a way through ill health. I will still dicuss my religious experiences within a Christian framework if that is what my audience/relationship of the time needs. But I now consider myself a-theistic, that is I don't believe in a theistic god any more. I've tentatively looked at Wicca and privately I've always considered myself a bit of a witch, but now my processes are private, and my beliefs about them also.