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After effects of thanksgiving

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  • After effects of thanksgiving

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new here!I have been low carb for about two months now, and I'm getting the hang of it I think. My cravings have gone down quite a bit, and I'm not so hungry any more.

    Anyway, last week was thanksgiving and I was invited for dinner at a friend's house. I had every intention of sticking to low carb, but that did not quite work out. So we basically had four or five courses (with lots and lots of nuts and wine for the aperitif)and pumpkin pie at the end. The next day, I had breakfast and I ate at least three croissants and two slices of pumpkin pie. I should also mention that the day before the dinner, I wolfed down a box of chocolate croissants...because well...I was using food to solve my problems. I also ate quite a few cookies: basically lots and lots of refined carbs.

    So I went back home and read about how to recover from this mess, and it said carry on as usual, which I did. But first off I have been constipated since that meal, and for at least three days, I was not even remotely hungry: I made myself eat some light salads and veg because I was hopingthat the fiber would fix things in the old digestive track. Anyway, today I weighed myself and I have actually lost a kilo and a half from my weight before the binge.

    How is this possible? Does this mean that my body is now carb sensitive?
    (Not that I intent to go off like that again. This just got real for me and I'm going all the way). But I do realise that there are times that I will eat refined carbs, I just want to be prepared. Thanks