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What was your wake-up call?

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    Went for a drug test:

    Nurse: "hey you have sugar in your urine, are you diabetic?"
    Me: "not that I know of'
    Nurse: "hold your finger out"
    nurse:"you have a blood sugar of 448"
    Me:"Is that bad?"

    my wife is a nurse, made me go low carb, and I found paleo/primal on my own. She thinks its great and is paleo herself now and reccomends it to newly diagnosed diabetics she sees at the hospital.


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      I tried vegetarian for a week or two when I was in high school, then I quit because I just felt like crap, and I really wanted a juicy, fatty, salty, steak.

      A couple years after high school, I went on a Mexican/Central American/Carribean kick, mostly because I fell in love with chili peppers, and also rum and tequila played a part as well. I also dabbled in Asian and Mediterranean style cooking, although what I ended up doing was far from authentic. I was still eating bread and corn/rice and beans, but I was doing things right mostly, as I did away with most processed foodstuffs.

      I came upon paleo about two years ago, and didn't give it much of a nevermind until maybe a half year after then. I didn't really see myself as in bad health (I was 22 years old, 6 feet tall, and about 195 lbs.), but after cutting sugar, booze, and excessive starches, I went down to about 160 lbs, and finally did see how bad off I was.

      So I never really had a "wake up call", but rather a gradual evolution into a more healthy lifestyle.
      "All of God's creatures have a natural habitat... my dinner plate." -Me


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        I was vegetarian for about 7 years. So was my husband, a serious yoga practitioner. I thought we were pretty healthy. We rarely ate junk food, just mostly rice and legumes.

        We had trouble conceiving a baby, and I started to panic after 2 years of trying. I was diagnosed with PCOS. Dr put me on hormones, metformin, and suggested IUI. I didn't respond well to hormones and decided to try a lower-carb diet and see a traditional chinese medicine doctor.

        We also started eating some meat.

        I was pregnant naturally within 3 months.

        My TCM doctor said in the first consultation that my body was too weak to carry a baby despite having no outward health issues. Now it is much stronger.