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    Originally posted by spuggygirl View Post
    So what happens if you're genuinely sick for more than 1 day a month?

    In the UK we generally have an upper limit for the number of sick days per year that are fully paid, after that you go onto Statutory Sick Pay at the employer's discretion, but most employers are generally very sympathetic as long as they're confident the employee is genuinely sick.
    It's dfferent everywhere, but where I work we earn them as we go, so if I'm not sick in January or February, then I have 3 days to use by the time I get sick in March. Or I can take an unpaid day off if I'm really sick and haven't banked any days in prior months.

    One year, I had more than the usualy doctor appointments (ultrasounds, etc) and had to take 2 more days off for a core biopsy, so I filed for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) which didn't guarantee that I would get paid for days off, but did protect me from any disciplinary action (write-ups or firing) due to my absences for medical issues. It required an exam and a form filled out and signed by my doctor, and it still limited the number of days I could take, depending on the specific problem, but it was a big help.

    If you're going to be out for a longer time, you would probably end up applying for short or long term disability, which isn't full pay, but it helps pay the bills.