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Does anyone else feel frustrated/annoyed when reading success stories?

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    The problem I see is not necessarily success stories being the issue, but the comparative nature of people reading them. I am not one to discount frustration, I have felt it many times. However, a success story is not some standard we all need to achieve with primal. Someone who lost weight quickly is lucky, but our path is not worth less based on that success. Primal has aspects of inner and outer health, both of which are necessary for overall mental happiness. Be happy with what you have, but always strive for better.


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      I find them inspirational. I would like to ask, what point are you starting at? I started at 350, so shedding 70 pounds wasn't that hard. I have a long way to go yet. If you're starting at 150, your weight loss can't be quite as impressive as some people. It's nothing to worry about.
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        I can't really identify with them because I was already at a good weight when I went Primal.
        I did it to feel better, and for better health.
        But I'm happy for them.


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          I like the stories, but it throws me off track when I find that what works for xyz doesn't work for me.