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Suggestions on how to undo a carb binge?

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    well, today ended up a little like an IF day, but was so tired, i even had to take an afternoon nap to recover!

    just had a protein shake and finishing the day with under 1200 calories and 60g of carbs.

    yesterday was not a good day, carb wise, so that is why today i reeled myself back in. the energy slump makes things much more difficult. i barely had the energy to do a little pushups and small weights.

    tomorrow i plan to increase calories but keep the carbs way down. i need more energy, so im putting my bet on a little more fat!
    "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.


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      ok so had a good nites sleep!
      breakfast: 2 eggs, handful broccoli florets, one tomato, one small avocado. espresso with a splash of cream.
      for lunch im planning: chicken with some leftover pesto sauce, wrapped in lettuce. i have two oranges lurking around, so im having one for dessert.
      mid afternoon: espresso and cream.
      dinner: i am dreading this part: friend get together. lets see how this goes!
      "If you can dream, then dream out loud" - Bono.


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        That is not a carb binge. That is a breaking Paleo issue.....please take the time to learn more about Paleo/Primal and learn what you are doing to yourself when you eat the cookie. Education is the key here as your body will crave the easy carbs but your will power will come from your education over what grains/unnatural fats/etc. do to your body. Read up on Robb Wolf paleo solution as a start and you won't have such a problem. Primal Blueprint does a fantastic job but doesn't go very deep.

        Happy learning and you can do this thing!


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          Stock up your home with only protein, veggies and healthy carbs. At the end of the day, no one but you can shut the pie hole when it comes to sugar and processed foods. Decide what's important to you and set some goals and develop some tenacity to follow through with it.
          F, 48, 5'10"
          Start Date: 25-06-12 @ 161lbs
          Goal Reached: 30-09-12 @ 143lb. Now bouncing between 145lb - 149lb. I'd like less bounce and more consistency :-)

          Started Cross Fit 20.12.12 ---- Can't wait to submit my success story on the 1st anniversary of starting primal.


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            Originally posted by PoisonApple View Post
            I'm a downward spiral kind of girl. 1 thing leads to another, more and more cravings.. I've been more than a little off the wagon lately, especially with deserts.
            Another take on the willpower/downward spiral cycle comes from Jack Trimpey of Rational Recover (Rational Recovery | Welcome to Rational Recovery). Trimpey's system, Addictive Voice Recognition Technique (AVRT) is an offshoot of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT).

            It's a powerful technique for sensitizing yourself to the Beast Voice, recognizing it as soon as it surfaces into conscious awareness -- even before it's a truly choate thought. Once recognized, but before the thought becomes a full-blown obsession ("cravings"), the AVRT tools blow your Beast a powerful smack-down.

            While Trimpey's site has a pay-section, there's a lot of very good free info. As with life, he may have views with which you disagree. Don't let that put you off from one of the most powerful self-help tools out there. Works for any type of "addiction," a word Trimpey eschews.

            As a Liberal Boomer, I hate to say it -- Nancy Reagan was right. Just say "no."

            Actually, I usually address my Beast with a string of blue pithiness not suitable for publication, and OH! It's such fun to do.
            He not busy bein' born is busy dyin' ~ Bob Dylan