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Sulphur burps -- advice?

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  • Sulphur burps -- advice?

    Slight chance of TMI:

    This last Monday I woke up with awful sulphurous burps. After a few hours of stomach cramps and going to the toilet, I finally threw up. But it wasn't even a relief, because I had a stomach ache until I was finally just vomiting bile. Fine afterward. It has happened before, and I think I can trace the vomiting incidents to the food I had eaten.

    OK, so that's a lesson for myself I guess.

    But the weird thing is that I have had just the burps, and only a few, and not to the extent that it triggers my own gag reflex (it can be seriously gross) many many hours after my non-indulgent meals the last three days. I usually eat once a day, so I eat quite a bit, but that in itself has never been an issue before. I thought maybe I'm eating too much too close to bedtime, so yesterday I went to the gym in the morning and ate at 2. Had very light case of the sulphur burps when going to bed (with a hungry stomach, mind you) at about 10, and experienced a few more when I got up to pee at 12. But nothing more came of it.

    Could the last few days just be leftover from the Monday nastiness? I've read that Alkaseltzer is helpful, so I will try to find some today just in case I get strong burps again (it's ominous now, because I know the bad ones mean I'll toss my cookies -- said 'cookies' having been eaten at least 12 hours prior!!). Does this happen to anybody else??

    Finally, in total honesty, I have been enjoying rice cakes lately. I know that's not good, but I also don't think it should turn my stomach into a toxic environment. Or maybe it should! I'll take any input! Thanks

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    I used to have this happen to me all the damn time from like 7-15 or so. Never figured out what it was, but I knew when I had the burps I'd be throwing up within 6 hours or so. Usually the burps would start me gagging. It just stopped one day and hasn't happened ever again. Only weird thing I have now is I can't go anywhere near anything with even the slightest bit of vinegar when I have a head cold because all I can smell/taste is the vinegar super strong.
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