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So they've solved the French paradox -

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    The French don't get fat even though they eat anything because they walk everywhere and have a sense of portion control. No huge Olive Garden portions there, at most local restaurants.
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      Originally posted by Hilary View Post
      The secret to why the French live longer - Roquefort cheese - Telegraph

      There. The French live longer despite eating all that evil saturated fat, which everyone knows normally makes people drop dead of heart attacks all over the place, because of ripe Roquefort. Aren't you glad they found out?
      I saw that, on the same page they had researches from a Uni in Norwich or Newcastle saying how unhealthy the TV chefs meals were, and how the standard supermarket meals were healthier coz they had less fat and less salt.

      Two articles on the same page hinting at totally opposite viewpoints. Not surprising people don't have a clue what to eat. Luckily we are in the know :-)


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        The healthy french are those who walk places, cook from scratch, drink in moderation (and mostly wine), spend time with family and friends, working a 35 hour full time week (compared to 40 or more in the US) in a manner that is apparently laid back but productive, they appreciate their food often taking a long time over lunch and I don't know what they do differently with their wheat but it is easier to digest than the stuff available in the UK at least.

        That's my personal observations. I spent time in france growing up, a bit of time there as an adult, and my mum and stepdad spent at least 3 or 4 months of the year living there. I can't convince my mum and stepdad to give up wheat so it's their experience as to the difference in digestibility.

        I'm holidaying in france in 2013 and know I will have no problem sourcing great food. My mum has even located a farm near their place that sells raw milk.