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Constant hunger after 4 months of being primal?

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    I say you do a 24 hour fast and then eat regularly. Eat ad libidum/as much as you want of some fatty meat with salad. Report back.


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      Do you eat almonds and/or stevia? Those really make me crave food and overeat. Try eliminating those. Actually, all nuts if you can. But almonds are the major ones for me. Stevia is more of a thirsty-all-the-time thing, that I then end up trying to eat because drinking tons of water doesn't get rid of it. Eating doesn't fix it either.
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        Originally posted by spuggygirl View Post
        You don't mention fat at all - how much fat do you eat?

        Personally speaking, fat is what stops me from feeling hungry.
        I also agree...where is the fat?

        That's what controls the hunger pangs! :-)
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          My advice is add fat, and a lot of it. When I was new to PB, I had a very poor understanding of just how many fat calories I needed. After reaching my preferred weight, I was deficient by several hundred calories/day. I hit that wall hard. Zero energy. Try 3 tablespoons of butter/ghee or coconut oil after each meal. Just my .02...


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            Thank you all for your response! I ended up finding a solution. Fat was not the problem. One time I ate a pound of short ribs and 5 slices of bacon and it did nothing to curb my hunger. However, what has worked is intermittent fasting, adding protein and eating big ass salads daily! The salads in combination with increasing my protein intake from around 60-80g a day to 100-140g a day have really helped curb my hunger while IF has kick started my fat loss again. Thank you all for your response I appreciate it 10 more pounds down 30 more to go!


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              lemme get some of them addies yo.
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