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Losing Weight During Pregnancy?

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  • Losing Weight During Pregnancy?

    I will start by saying, I am overweight.

    I have been doing the Primal thing since January of 2012 and I've lost a total of 25lb so far. I had initially planned on losing more weight before trying to have another baby, but 'things happened' and we've found that we are expecting our third child in August next year.

    I do not *want* to lose weight during pregnancy, but eating somewhat low carb and cutting out dairy (which makes me sick during pregnancy), combined with food aversions and morning sickness, tend to make me lose weight. My hubby and I were also planning on trying out Whole30 in January to mark our 1-year of Primal Living.

    As long as I am eating a healthy, balanced, Paleo diet, is it okay if I continue to lose small amounts of weight during the first trimester? I am almost afraid to go dairy free because the last time I did it, I immediately dropped 10lb.

    Also, does anyone have any GREAT resources for Paleo Pregnancy?

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    Hi! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am 30 weeks pregnant with my first child and have been paleo/primal for 2 years.

    I lost weight during my first and second trimesters because I was so ill, and that happens to many women who go on to have perfectly healthy, normal pregnancies. If you're losing a bit of weight but still eating and more importantly drinking, I wouldn't worry. In early pregnancy staying hydrated is more important than getting calories; your caloric needs don't increase until the 3rd trimester anyhow. Low carb is probably not the best idea during pregnancy IMO- I eat intuitively and normally get around 100g of carbs per day, with fat making up 50-55% of my intake. A pregnant body needs more carbs than a non-pregnant one. Obviously don't force-feed yourself but you needn't feel as though you need to limit your intake of real-food sources of carbs (veg, fruit, squash, potatoes). . As long as you're eating real food, you won't be anywhere near the 300g+ carbs per day of SAD eating.

    If dropping dairy makes you feel better; DO IT! There is NO sense in eating any food which make you sick, especially when you can get the nutrients from other sources (ie- calcium can be achieved through daily bone broth intake). I don't see why a Whole30 would be detrimental in any way, as long as you ensure you're eating enough. That is, you shouldn't feel hungry, dizzy, weak, etc. That being said, if you choose to do a Whole30 and 'fail' at it please don't be disappointed. Pregnancy (as you will know already) does strange things to our bodies and the most important thing to do during this time is listen to ourselves and our babies.

    If you wonder if something is safe/unsafe, just take a moment to really listen to what your body is telling you. Do you feel like this is something good for your baby? Do you feel like whatever it is, is going to make you feel better? Trusting your body to tell you what it needs is better than any advice I could give you.

    As for resources, I wrote a blog post on diet during pregnancy that you can check out if you'd like: The Best Diet During Pregnancy The Paleo Exchange

    There are loads of links within the post to websites of people smarter and more eloquent than I So it should get you headed in the right direction in any case!


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      Keeping in mind that we tend to store toxins in our body fat, I would suggest that if you do lose weight that you minimize it during your pregnancy. Don't stress, though! Many women lose weight in the first trimester & their babes are just fine.

      Of course, if you have been eating clean, organic, etc pre-Primal, then there is less of a concern.

      See my links below in my sig for my blog & an article on Primal pregnancy nutrition.
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        When I was preggo with my first born, I lost weight at the same rate that my baby (now 18) gained. You system is flooded with hCG, so you are using excess fat for your energy and the food you eat will go to the baby.

        Eat when you are hungry, stay the course, have dairy if you want.

        Congrats on the baby!!!


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          I'd have to google it again, but I read a blog aged ago where the woman was 100% primal AND did IF during pregnancy.
          Besides that, there are lots of primal pregnancy journals/blogs/stories on here & around the internet.
          AFAIK, the current CW recommendations are not to lose weight... even if you're morbidly obese, you're just supposed to "not gain" (possibly because of the toxins in fat? Possibly because they're afraid to make sweeping generalized recommendations ), but I have seen articlessaying that if you're obese, any weight loss is good, whether or not you're pregnant.

          I think the above suggestions are good... you may also want to check out the "better baby boook" which I'm not 100% sure is out yet, but it's by the bulletproof coffee guy's wife, who is an MD & had 2 very healthy children over 40, while eating something akin to paleo/primal.


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            When I became pregnant I called it "pregnancy induced gastric bypass surgery" because
            the minute conception occured (I'm kidding) I was EVER.

            I was 120lbs and ONLY gained 10lbs, so that's 7lbs of baby and 3 pounds of theotherstuff.

            My doctor was pissed as hell that I wouldn't eat to gain the requisite 30+lbs, but I just couldn't.

            And it wasn't because I felt nasty or anything, it was truly because I wasn't hungry.

            So I think, along with what all the other ladies are saying, that if you're not hungry, or really
            not trying to starve yourself, you and baby will be fine.

            Heck, my 7 pounder got that big from sumthin' and it wasn't what I was throwing down my throat
            cuz that was basically air soup and wind pie!

            Even after I had the baby - not hungry - so the little bugger sucked the life out of me while he
            was nursing and I got down to 110 without even trying. CRAZY.

            So go on with your bad self, just be smart, and like others have said, listen to your body.



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              You ladies are awesome =) Thank you so much for your words. That is how I was feeling about it, like even if I continued to lose small amounts of weight, I would be fine as long as I was eating what I was supposed to be eating. By semi-low carb, I usually take in 70-125 a day. I don't really count, but I do take stock of what I am putting in. I gained 45lb during my last pregnancy on SAD between water weight, and a 10lb baby, and within 2 weeks nursing, I had lost it all, so I am not overly concerned about weight gain, I just want to be healthy. I am off to read the articles you posted.


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                As long as the baby is growing fine, it doesn't really matter if you are losing weight overall. I was malnourished for the first two semesters of my third pregnancy. It wasn't intentional by any means, I was living in a food insecure household. I didn't gain much at all the first semester and started losing weight in the second. My midwife watched me closely and said that because I was overweight to begin with I had enough "reserve" and that as long as the baby was growing on target she wasn't going to worry. I moved in with my parents during the third semester, wound up gaining 15 pounds overall and had a healthy 8lb 10oz baby. The growth rate of the baby is more important than your overall weight.