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So I'm going to do this "not washing hair" thing. What's in store?!

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  • I've never gone with not washing my hair with anything, but I have been doing the baking soda / raw ACV method for several weeks now and it's been mostly great. My hair is smooth and shiny, noticably better than it looked even with high end shampoo and conditioner, and I only have to wash it like every 4 days. I say "mostly" because the baking soda is pretty harsh on my hair; right after I rinse it out before the ACV, a lot of hair falls out.

    I'm gonna try washing with honey next


    • Originally, I was going to go the BS/ACV route but then noticed that washing with water seemed just fine for me. So I just continued on that trend. It's pretty pathetic how crazy I get sometimes with this sort of thing...almost like a competition within my head about how long I can last.

      Anyway. I figured really I could ask around and see what others experiencing the same issue (dryness) had to offer in terms of advice. So far all I've done has been coconut oil in VERY small amounts, to the ends of my hair. I saw something earlier today where someone was putting it in their hair post shower (wet hair), just the bottom half, and then blow drying it. I am still using a blow dryer, too, so I assume that's where my issues are coming from.

      Has your hair been falling out the entire time you've been using the baking soda???? I'm interested to hear how the honey wash works for you!


      • My personal anecdote:

        I read this article about no shampoo at a manosphere blog last Spring. I was convinced, and immediately tried it.

        Perfect results. Save a ton of time and stress about hair products, hair has more body, and I can get in and out of shower quicker.

        My entire hair-washing routine goes as follows: Soak hair in shower stream. Scrub with hands for a lil' bit. End.


        • Originally posted by christycoco View Post
          Yes, I am water washing daily at this point. I truly don't know if I will ever get to a point where I am not at least washing it with water! Although, I never would have guessed this would be something I could do, either. I haven't used anything - shampoo or conditioner - in the 10 days. Can I ask what you're using in your co wash conditioner?
          I tried the BS/ACV method but have hard water and it didn't work out.
          When I co-wash (once a week), I'm using Suave Naturals tropical coconut for now, but it's nearly gone and I can't find it anymore. I'll find something else once I'm out.
          Like I said, I condition my hair every time it gets wet (which is 3x/wk max right now) using either Biolage Conditioning Balm or Mineral Fusion Curl Care conditioner to combat dryness. Putting some leave-in condish mixed with a bit of clear gel when it's wet helps keep my curls hydrated and fuzz-free.


          • Originally posted by DavidBrennan View Post
            My personal anecdote:

            I read this article about no shampoo at a manosphere blog last Spring. I was convinced, and immediately tried it.

            Perfect results. Save a ton of time and stress about hair products, hair has more body, and I can get in and out of shower quicker.

            My entire hair-washing routine goes as follows: Soak hair in shower stream. Scrub with hands for a lil' bit. End.
            Another benefit of no 'pooing is you avoid the estrogenic compounds often found in shampoos and hair-care products, even the so-called "natural" ones.

            And every man could use less of those.
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            • I barley use the 'poo' here either.
              I do baking soda wash and ACV rinse once every week or two and plain water if I get dirt in my hair (I hang out outside w a preschooler and also work in the yard so do get dirty).
              I actually first replaced shampoo w kefir, makes a great face wash too
              I totally have not used that for a while, think I will go back to that.
              Once in a while I put CO w a drop of tea tree and leave in overnight.
              Once your hair gets used to it, it looks and feels so much better!


              • i won't use commercial poos / conditioners so this is what I do:

                * use Black African Soap - natural, no chemicals, gets rid of grease well (i order in bulk fr amazon and it lasts a good while) either directly on scalp (lather in hands then apply) OR put a sm chunck of the soap in a water bottle and fill w/ warm water to dilute then pour on your head and lather

                * rinse w/ water

                * then in place of conditioner use ACV (1T/1C ratio) -i put 3T in a water bottle then fill w/ 3 cups water and just have that in my shower. OR use plain KOMBUCHA in place of the ACV

                i do this about 2x / wk. leaves hair really soft / shiny

                I also make my own hair spray w/ water / vodka and sugar ( has a good recipe for it


                • I'll have to check out that site for homemade hairspray. Thank you for posting it! Loving all of the ideas this thread offers. I'm convinced that if I can get past this initial phase, which I will do, I'll happily rid my home of yet one more unnecessary item! Thanks everyone!


                  • This has been a very informative thread! I'm on week 2 of cutting shampoo cold turkey and my hair has been such a greasy mess and has been in ponytails quite frequently. I did the preening that MamaGrok suggested and my hair looks so much better! I'm hoping things continue to improve.

                    What is something quick and easy that can be done for really dry hair? I rarely shampoo my kids hair (maybe 1x/month) and my DD (8) has hair that gets extremely dry and fly away - it is good for about a week after washing and then becomes a disaster - tangled and dry. Vinegar rinses and washing with eggs seems very tedious to try and do on an 8 year old. Would just switching to a boar bristle brush from her current plastic one help?


                    • I am very interested in going no poo.

                      Tried it a few months ago and it didn't last more than 5 days. Plan to implement what others have tried and see what works. I have thin curly long hair. I love my curls and like it big and fluffy. Right now I wash/condition and blow dry it every day.

                      I am thinking I could start by stretching out the days I don't shampoo. Will need to try a few things I am sure to see how it goes.

                      I would love to be chemical free. Don't think I would give up makeup when going to work though. Maybe I will get brave sometime, but not yet. I have NO color in my face.

                      I also would love to stop using soaps. Think I will go down to the health food store and find something 'natural' to use as soap.

                      I have already stopped using deodorant. Sometimes I can smell my pits when I put my arms up. It's not a bad smell, but it is a smell and I get paranoid so I use a wet washrag to get rid of it. I eat 100% primal so I am thinking it is just my normal smell. Just not used to it I think. Asked hubby and he said I don't smell.
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                      • I too would like to get away from deodorant altogether. Right now I am using coconut oil, beeswax and cornstarch mixed together so I don't feel too badly about it, but still. My diet is mostly vegetables and lean meats (pretty much primal in that I don't eat much in the way of processed foods but admit to caving to cravings more than I should) and I do think that impacts a lot of what our body does and how it reacts.

                        I am on day 12 and my hair is getting even better with the heaviness I had been experiencing at the scalp. I did tackle my issues of dry ends with some coconut oil on my wet post showered hair yesterday morning, however I applied WAY too much and had that lovely wet looking yet not actually wet look going on all day. Yuck. Today though it's looking awesome and styled great for me, and isn't dry or oily at all. I am certainly excited over the fact that this "transition phase" hasn't been tough for me at all.

                        Good luck, Kris T if you decide to do the no 'poo route...or even extending out the days in between usage.


                        • I've played with no poo for years now and always end back up using my DermOrganics shampoo & conditioner. I go a few days in between washes though. I'm going to try to stick it out and get over the hump.

                          I did an experiment yesterday. I didn't use soap in the shower. I did scrub a little with my loofa. It was weird. And I miss my soap, especially since I make it myself and it is so fabulous. I went to work and even though I did sweat, I couldn't smell myself. I came home, and did an up close sniff test of my pits. Nothing. What! I did put on a little coconut oil and a little Primal Pit Paste (baking soda, shea, and a couple other ingredients). I'm going to do the same thing today. This is so interesting.


                          • I still wash my hair, but I do it less often. I used to almost every day, now it's down to about twice a week, maybe three time if I've done housework (drywall dust loves to hang out in hair, and no thanks to getting that in the bed). As my hair has gotten longer (it's down my back about a 3rd of the way), I find that the less often I wash, the better. I would guess because this gives my natural oils time to make it all the way down the hair shafts to the ends, if I wash it often the ends just feel dry and straw-like.

                            I use Renpure poo and con.

                            I also used to have a friend that did the no wash thing, she would do hot water and wipe it down with a rag in the shower. She had nice looking hair, so maybe it works. She had very long hair, if that's relevant.
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