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  • Mortifying times

    It's been a lifetime since I got to even read something up here, things got hectic.
    I ate a ton of meat while in Argentina last month, and also fell totally off the bandwagon. Now getting on it is terribly hard.
    Is not only the fact that I had to change my meds doses up, add some new things and the like but the whole season which has been stressing as hell, I can't even get two hours of straight sleep.
    Decided to cut off sugar now, but I really don't know where to start, here people socializes by eating and that really ruins any resolution (you know, you're not a peoples' people, you know).
    Anyway is not like if I got that much weight, but my skin is suffering, cellulitis is back and happy, I'm always tired and damnit I'm even getting depressed over age issues.
    This thing needs to change, for the good of my health and the sake of people around me.


    No limits, only my will and the worlds I build.