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Blood test after almost two months paleo, I' m a little freaked out

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  • Blood test after almost two months paleo, I' m a little freaked out

    I started doing paleo on 11/12/2012, so I'm almost two months in.

    Everything was going great, I lost about 11lbs over the first 4 weeks, then I went on vacation to my home country and my diet wasn't as strict, I had some bad carbs here and there and I also drank a lot more alcohol than I normally do, but after 2 weeks I still had lost about 4lbs, so I thought I was doing great.

    A couple of weeks after that (last friday), I took a blood test and I got the results today, which has me stumped, here they are:

    -Cholesterol: 242 mg/dL <-- dunno if the "L" is a typo or if it's different than "dl" like on the other ones.
    -Triglycerides: 172 mg/dl
    -HDL: 53 mg/dl
    -LDL: 155 mg/dl

    HDL is not bad, but the rest has me worried, specially the trigycerides.

    What could be causing this??? Could it be the bad carbs/alcohol I've been having over the past month? I've tried to eat as much paleo foods as possible, but I've had some flour, alcohol (mostly wine and beer), but very little desserts, other than my usual 70 or 80% chocolate that I have for dessert sometimes.

    Here is a normal, good paleo day diet for me:
    -Breakfast: 3 or 4 eggs and 4-5 strips of bacon. Sometimes I also have some pineaple or strawberries.
    -Lunch: 350gr sirloin steak (including the fat, but I don't eat most of it), a side of tomato, onions and avocado salad with some olive oil.
    -Dinner: 300 gr Ground beef,similar to bolognese spaghetti sauce but drier. I usually sprinkle some parmesan cheese on it, and some gazpacho (like a tomato soup but with onions, peppers and some other veggies). Two squares of 70 or 80% chocolate for dessert.

    I also do IF ocationally, I eat when I'm hungry so if I have a big dinner I might skip breakfast, for example.

    I'm going for a checkup tomorow, my doctor should have my blood test results from about a year ago, I'm still hoping that even though my current results are borderline bad, it's because they used to be worse. Although I seem to reccall that my cholesterol was at 220.

    I feel great, I'm never hungry, I've lost weight and a couple of pant sizes, I don't want to stop!

    I need your advice badly!

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    Here are some of the ratios:


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      Lose all your weight and leave it stable for a month or so before even bothering to check again.
      Crohn's, doing SCD


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          Originally posted by jaczor View Post
          The above poster gave you good advice.