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Did going primal make you want to quit your job?

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    Originally posted by jakey View Post
    no, it's my alarm clock that makes me want to quit. it's my rent & whole foods habit that keeps my coming back.
    So true. Good points to everyone! Knifegill...I'm scared.

    I'm hoping that in a few years I can stay home but also be a childbirth educator and perhaps a doula, as that's where my passion lies. Not much money in it!
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      I'm a WAHM with two young kids, but I left my "real" job long before I went Primal. I was tired of the grind. Tired of meeting deadlines. Tired of working hard just to make someone else money. I felt exhausted every day, and I didn't even have kids at that point!

      Leaving my "real" job was the best decision of my life, mostly because I hated my work. Now I do what I love on my own terms. Nothing could be better, even if the work I do is still a desk job (I'm a writer).

      It's a worthwhile goal to pursue a career you love, even if it means financially struggling for a while, and especially if it means spending time with your kids. While there are working moms who need the break from their children that a job provides, some moms crave more time with their children. If that's your situation, then start taking steps now to make that happen. Maybe it's as simple as looking for a job with a shorter commute. Perhaps it's starting classes to work toward your doula certification. Or maybe it's just making cuts to your budget now so you're prepared for a future with a lower income.

      Whatever your choice, I wish you the best. Balancing a career, kids, husband, and life is never an easy trick. But don't worry... you'll find a way!
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        I feel that way often.
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          Originally posted by fifer View Post
          I think there is real value from a primal point of view, in trying to minimise your costs and outgoings so as not to have to work so much or so hard.

          I am sure ancient people did not work for the sake of it. I am sure their working day was finely honed, for minimum necessary consumption requiring minimum effort and exertion.

          This is basically what I did. I was living in NYC (where I grew up), making pretty good money, but with a very stressful job that had long hours. When my health started declining, I made some really tough choices: move to a much more affordable city where the cost of living was dirt cheap and swap out my well-paying job for low-stress part-time work. I've always been a frugal person, so there wasn't much waste to cut.

          Now that I'm used to living with less money and more time to do what I love and to take care of myself, I could never imagine going back to how it used to be. Sometimes change really is within reach, but we convince ourselves otherwise.


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            Originally posted by jllundqu View Post
            I feel that way often. I spend most of my day at a desk too, although there are days when I get to track a scumback down, cuff him, and drag his sorry butt before the US Magistrate on felony charges, but those days a few and far between.
            I thought you looked familiar!


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              Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
              This pretend life is, and always has been, total crap. I play the games to get good food and a place to live. But I'm not grateful to be employed, it makes me angry that I'm expected to perform an odd function in exchange for the right to obtain goods. Western civilization is completely bass-ackwards, it creates lifestyles out of the thin margin of surplus goods and profits which only a few can mathematically enjoy to any degree, but sets a high standard of life for all the slaves down here at the bottom. We're forced to try and try and try and create a make believe life that we never get to live because the house just sits here empty with nobody in it while we work out butts off and try too hard to impress our overlords in hopes we won't get fired the next time there's a big layoff. I knew it was a stupid game in junior high. I refused to play it for many years. But I couldn't get laid being all obese and greasy and drunk, etc., so I cleaned up and met my wife, and to this day we enjoy a life of relative celibacy - a sort of slap in the face, a "here's what you get for even trying to do this the right way". Whoever the cruel puppetmaster is, there is no love in him. He wants to see us hurting, lost and dying - no matter how honest or crooked we are. Go ahead and keep doing the right thing. It will bite you again and again and laugh while you bleed. All that becoming strong and overcoming opposition nonsense is what the rich people sell us so we can be eternally subservient. "Be grateful master gives you crumbs." and "Yes, that hurts, but you'll soon develop insensitive, dead callouses there and then you can carry me around on these poles all day long without stopping while I throw darts into your back for fun." come to mind. WHAT ARE WE DOING?! WHY ARE WE STILL PRETENDING THIS IS REAL?!
              I am reading this article. It reminded me of you.
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                Definitely made me question my status in life and all of that. I enjoy nature, but I'm not opposed to the lifestyle I currently have (ridin' dat desk) for the time being. I take a 45 min train where I generally don't do anything productive but I try to get most of my social networky shit out of the way by checking facebook and instagram mostly (hey, those filters are nice...) and reading some blogs, which I guess is somewhat productive. On the ride back I do one of two things, sleep or read... or play games on my phone. Mostly I read though.

                My job involves writing and researching, so I do that most of the day. My office is very quiet, but a group of us like to jump on gchat and group chat most of the day which makes the workday seem somewhat sociable, we also get together to eat and take outside breaks every now and then.

                I stand half the day (for the OP, is this something you could do?) usually when I walk in till around 1pm when I eat lunch. Sometimes though, I just sit all day, but I do make an effort to stand up most of the time.

                My job also has the perk that I can work from home, they have a lot of remote workers in other states so I take advantage of that once or sometimes twice a week. If you're able to commute in they prefer people do that, so I don't like to take advantage and interestingly, working from home is not as enjoyable as it may sound so I like to keep it to one to two days a week max. Those days are the ones where I get in longer home-based workouts or try to cook bigger meals since I have extra time.

                The job I had when I first went primal though is a different story. I was basically chained to my desk and hated the work, so yeah I wanted to quit, but only because the job sucked.

                Lastly, while grok certainly didn't have to do a lot of the shit we "have" to do, I would never want to live grok's life. I enjoy how our lives are now to a certain degree, though I think we could have stopped getting so technologically advanced a long time ago. Part of me thinks this is exactly what we as humans are supposed to do though, slowly take over everything until we die and then the earth will reclaim the world once again... and then we'll evolve and do it all over again. I used to get down about the way the world is going and the lives we "have" to live, but if you notice, this has been in motion for a long long looong time which leads me to believe that it's really just the natural order of things.
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                  I love my job.

                  That being said, accepting paleo/primal/whole30/minimalism/purposeful living into my life has made me regret some of the time I spend here.

                  I often long for time to browse farmer's markets, or spend outside during the day, or more time for cooking, more time for playing.

                  I have very little "free" time in that I have a lot of commitments scheduled (most of which I enjoy) that leave very little time for exercise, nature, and cooking. If I could work 2-4 hours less each day, or perhaps even 1 day less a week, I would feel much freer.

                  Additionally, my job/company is not one that is going to change the world in any meaningful way. I work in the video game industry. I love video games but I would rather be working for a non profit. :3

                  I don't know how to ever do that though. Life is what it is, and I require an income to pay for, at basic, food and shelter. I also of course have car payment, insurances, cell phone, video game sub, etc.


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                    My job is so incredibly stressful I wish I could quit all the time. The only thing I've become grateful for since I've changed my lifestyle is that I'm moving and standing almost the entire 8 hrs. I'm there. I have to sprint sometimes and I lift a lotta heavy things...of course those "things" I'm lifting are people, some of whom are very heavy indeed.

                    I'm a nurse in a nursing home and quite frankly it sucks. I started going in to more detail but I'll just leave it at that. I feel the stress hormones hitting my system just thinking about work on my days off. I can't enjoy my days off because I'm worrying about work and dreading having to go back. I'm in flight or fight mode the whole shift. I have many more hours of tasks to complete than the 8 hrs I'm given to complete them.


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                      I like my job, and it leaves me time for adequate play, personal time etc. But I live in a very northerly clime, and right now I basically spend all daylight hours inside. And that pisses me off. No amount of vitamin D supplementation will ever make me less pissed off about that. Come June, though, my life will be straight-up awesome.


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                        Just the opposite for me. I'm on holidays cos I'm a school cleaner (our summer vacation here, thank goodness. It's been getting close to 40*C most days). But I'm putting on weight cos even though my job isn't one of the best, it's physical enough to keep my weight down to where I want it.


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                          wow! knifegill.