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    My face is always very dry, flaky and red, especially in the colder months, even though i don't wash it with conventional soap and i use moisturizer daily. I'd definitely like to use a more natural moisturizer, but coconut oil and olive oil make me break out. Maybe I will try the jojoba oil, does that seem to be less comedogenic for most people who have tried it?


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      there are so many oils out there.

      my skin did well with sesame, avocado, shea, almond, etc. you can often get small bottles at health food shops.


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        A couple other oils you can experiment with
        Emu oil (this is my favorite for skin)
        Argan Oil (my fav for hair)
        Macadamia oil
        Peach Kernel oil
        Almond Oil
        Kukui Nut oil
        Cherry Kernel Oil
        Papaya Oil
        Tamanu Oil
        Thistle Oil (good for oily skin)
        Marula oil

        Skin cleansers (non-oil)
        Witch Hazel
        Floral Waters (hydrosols)
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          Originally posted by meeshar View Post
          It's weird, most shampoos/toothpastes/etc. with SLS are awful for me, I didn't realize that Lush had it in their shampoos--it's odd that I never had an issue with it. I wonder if they use less of it than most products, or if maybe it's another ingredient that was bugging me rather than SLS, maybe parabens?

          I looked at the Primal Life Organics site, but they are out of stock on the solid shampoo bars. Boo.
          Oh weird, she makes stuff to order. I guess maybe she is just out of ingredients.