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Why some people don't get the flu

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    Iron Fireling, you might carry HSV1 (coldsore virus) but not exhibit it!


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      Germ-phobia along with vaccinations for relatively trivial viruses deny healthy immune systems the opportunity to develop their full potential.

      The flu virus thrives in those with weakened immune systems - this includes the elderly and frail, and young adults who've been vaccinated against every common virus apart from the common cold since they were a baby and thus have an immune system that's never been challenged properly.
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        Starting my daily intermittent fast was what did it for me. Even eating primal/paleo hadn't stopped me from getting sick. But ever since I started the daily IF, I haven't been sick even once. Oh, had a few days where I have felt under the weather and a bit lousy, but nothing that I could really call being sick.
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