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Does coconut oil work as eye cream?

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    I wash my face w/ honey both morning and night. I am blessed w/ good skin but the honey really helps. It removes makeup when I wear it as well. For a while I was using olive oil/aloe water mix to remove eye makeup but have found coconut oil does just as good a job and is easier because its more solid. Every great great great once in a while, especially if I have sweated alot I will use a water/ACV mix as a toner.
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      you should try and see if CO works for you, I think this is a YMMV thing.

      -for me olive oil caused breakouts
      -CO gave me very puffy eyes after a week or so using it on my face (mild allergic reaction here? although I can eat it without a problem)
      -jojoba and argan oil were not enough to hydrate my dry skin.

      so for now I am back to buying some "commercial" cream (weleda cream works well for me so far: probably the only brand that doesn't cause any kind of irritation/reaction...)

      one of the only thing I have left to try is castor oil I guess, it's supposed to be good...


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        Originally posted by meggan View Post
        I would avoid scrubbing. Every other day I might use a little baking/soda water mix and gently rub my face and then I apple rose hip oil or coconut oil. I do this at night generally. The next morning I rinse my face with cold water and lightly dry it.
        Exactly my routine -- coconut oil at night after I wash with egg soap (which has really tightened my pores). Every three days or o I do a baking soda "mask".

        My skin is better than ever but I am pushing 40 so I do a vitamin C eye cream too.

        FYI I have normal skin but live in a very dry climate. My skin looks so good though!!!


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          Originally posted by Primal Pamme View Post
          I massage a half and half mixture of olive oil and castor oil on my face in the morning then wipe it off gently with a warm wash rag and finally I put a bit of homemade moisturizer on it. I have always had problem skin as it tends to be oily with big pores even now in my late 40s. My skin is no longer oily, and has become incredibly soft, the softest it has ever been. It might be wishful thinking, but I think my wrinkles are shrinking and the pores are not so big anymore.

          I have saved a lot of money in the last several months by not buying expensive face cream and all the things they tell you we need to use to have beautiful skin. I have also saved a lot of time.
          I do this, except grapeseed oil instead of olive oil.
          I moisturise with jojoba oil
          I only do this every 2-3 days, and my skin has been feeling so good. I used to have dry cheeks, and oily t-zone. Now neither


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            oh and my pores are shrinking too.


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              OP: Try coconut oil for yourself. My pores are smaller and my skin looks much better. If coconut oil does not work, than try some others. Although not too much around the eyes, unless you have make up on. I am over 40 and still have a really greasy forehead. On reading a few things it would seem that skin that breaks out react well to coconut, those that do not break out tend to with coconut oil.

              Instead of harshly scrubbing, warm some oil up in your hands and smooth it over dry skin and rub it in. Than with your face cloth run it under hot water (the temp you prefer) squeeze it out and then lay it over you face for a steam and then wipe the oil off your face with the cloth. This will exfoliate. I like to splash with cold, cold water after. Scrubbing can damage the skin. Commercial scrubs with grains etc can scratch the skin as well. I have always preferred a face cloth.

              The theory of OCM (oil cleaning method) is that oil cleans oil, oil will remove sebum and unblock your pores in a way that soap etc cannot, without stripping the skins's own oils. So if coconut oil does not work, than maybe try some others. Sesame oil is also popular.
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                I have dry skin all the time during the winter on the Mainland. I found that coconut oil helps a little bit.

                The most curing for my face, on the surface, is using my chapstick all over my face. The most effective thing has been eliminating sugar entirely, whereby all my hand skin even becomes nice and smooth again despite constant dish-washing.
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                  I use the oil cleansing method (make my own mix out of Sweet Almond oil, Jojoba oil, Castor oil, EVOO, Rice bran oil, Rosehip oil, Vitamin E oil, Lavendar and Greanium essential oil)
                  to wash my face and moisturise with Organic rosehip oil. It is amazing. I moisturise my body with sweet almond oil after body brushing.