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Staggered by the fact that I'm not hungry

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  • Staggered by the fact that I'm not hungry

    Ok, I admit, I am only a few weeks into 'full' primal eating but I have been wheat and bread free for nearly a fortnight before moving into the primal way of life.

    But my first observation is simply that well...I'm simply not hungry! I find it easy to go from breakfast to dinner without even thinking about food. This is a far cry from days old where I used to literally be counting down the minutes until I was able to eat my next 'meal' and obsessing about what I was eating and what it would taste like.

    I am also a recovered bulimic, and so acutely prone to emotional eating, and in the last week or two I haven't had the daily struggle of only consuming the one slice of toast, or one bagel (obviously the reasons for this are clear to me now I know all about the effects of grains and insulin!!!), or 40grams of pasta which is giving me a sense of inner peace and calm around food which, honestly, I can't remember feeling ever!

    My second observation, is how much less bloated and sluggish I feel general, especially after eating and last thing at night - its staggering, and worryingly shows me just how much damage my wheat and grain diet of old was actually doing to my body and my digestive system.

    I know I am brand new in terms of adapting to this lifestyle, but if the last few weeks are anything to go by I really am looking forward to my happy, healthy, primal future!

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    Great results so far.
    Its a great feeling isn't it


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      I had the same experience as you. I was floored how I wasn't hungry or thinking about food. And then I got mad at how I berated myself all those years for not having better willpower and for how I thought I must have an eating disorder and therefore am probably emotionally damaged. None of that was true. I just needed to eat different foods.
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        I noticed this as well, when I went primal. I used to eat 3 meals a day and 2 in-between meal snacks. Now I no longer snack because I just don't get hungry in between meals. On weekends sometimes I'll only eat once a day, if I slept in and am not burning a bunch of calories. And I can tell you pre-primal that would NOT have happened. It used to be when I got hungry it felt like an emergency (my blood sugar would crash, I'd get the shakes and couldn't think properly) and now that just never happens. Unless I'm cheating and eating like crap.
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          I know, same experience here. The only thing I think about is "shouldn't I be hungry right now?" I usually skip breakfast daily and fast 24-hours 1-2 days a week-only because I can. What a powerful feeling!


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            I see a lot of comments about not being hungry. I am now on day 8 and I am still eating 3 times a day. While I am not constantly thinking about food, the time between meals is longer. I haven't reached the "not hungry, don't eat this meal feeling".
            My first 5 days the scale went down. On the 6th day, up .4 and today up .1
            I thought maybe I was eating too much bacon and it was due to the soduim that I might be up. I reduced my intake of bacon and cut down on my dairy intake. I also increased my veggies at lunch time, hugh salad with canned chicken. Any comments, suggestions?


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              Originally posted by SurpriseMe View Post
              Any comments, suggestions?
              You are on day 8, relax. Also .4 and .1? Both of those values are less weight than a single 8oz glass of water. again, relax.


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                Originally posted by specsAreGrok View Post
                You are on day 8, relax. Also .4 and .1? Both of those values are less weight than a single 8oz glass of water. again, relax.
                Yep, please also stop weighing yourself daily, even once weekly is a little too much.
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                  Originally posted by iniQuity View Post
                  Yep, please also stop weighing yourself daily, even once weekly is a little too much.
                  This x1000000.
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                  Weight does NOT equal health -- ditch the scale, don't be a slave to it!


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                    . . . What he said


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                      Originally posted by paleodog View Post
                      What a powerful feeling!
                      Yes, to feel in control of what you put in your body and when, instead of out of control "absolutely having to down something, anything right this moment".

                      And all brought about by eating such GOOD food!
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                        It keeps getting better. 2 years primal now and I'm amazed at how little i eat (want to eat).