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Has becoming primal/paleo ruined your life?

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    Forget any secret cabals, they don't exist. It's more about elite opinion, which one has to adopt to move up the power ranks. It can lefty like Obama or righty like Bush, but the dictates of capitalism and imperialism won't be denied.

    What's scrary to me is the way this elite opinion has colonized regular people, masquerading as some sort of defiance -- pathetic, impotent defiance.

    "The best trained dogs do their tricks when the master's not around" ~Stalin


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      Originally posted by Siobhan View Post
      Maybe this isn't the same topic at all, but in a way being primal has separated me from society. Because I'm healthier and happier than pretty much everyone I know, and most people find this weird and strange. I'm like a weird alien. In order to fit in, I would have to pretend to be as miserable as everyone else - fat, sick, unhappy, stuck in unhealthy relationships, torturing myself with chronic cardio, eating fat-free fake food. I have a couple of friends who are in on the secret, but for the most part I have to either hide the greatness of my life or be ostracized. I hope for the day when primal/paleo becomes more mainstream and more people join me in being happy.
      The disconnect that others have is mind-boggling! My co-workers have commented on my energy, my attitude, my looks - all in a positive manner. But then they go on to warn me about heart disease, gout, colon cancer, blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. because of the way I eat.

      I guess is nice of them to be concerned, but really? They believe that a way of eating that makes me feel better, look better, perform better and think more clearly is KILLING me?
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        I'm pretty happy with my life. In terms of "lifestyle choices", food, freedom to work, medical options etc. I feel that there are more options for us than there were 10 years ago. So yeah, big agriculture pimps GMO stuff, but then the market has made it profitable for awesome small farmers and raisers of grassfed beef, and local honey. 10 years ago,the farmers market had no one with meat and only a few local people.

        We have a ton of medical options now. Naturopaths, holistic people, chiros, on and on. We can opt out of the regular health care market, though we are mandated to be insured. But I bet that market catches on that some people would like a plan that covers holistics instead of drugs.

        We have more housing choices in my region. I can live on 20 acres or I can have a downtown condo.

        I think the market is FAR more important than the government. Problem is that consumers vary. Most people don't give a shit about GMO or Factory Farms. How do you get people that eat McDonalds and drink Mountain Dew to care about GMO? They don't. But, the market is willing to cater to those that do, and the government allows it in most cases, except for stuff like raw milk in some areas.

        People get what they want. Most people just want immediate pleasure and gratification for cheap. The market knows this and sells it.
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          Probably off-topic too, but primal has ruined going out to eat, and eating at social gatherings. I can't shut off the internal voice that asks what oil or fat was used to cook something in, or where did they get the meat. I love to cook but I also used to love to go out to eat. Now, that is an exercise in deal-making. Before I was primal, I had started taking better care of myself physically, working out a lot and making it a priority. It may be the people I spend the most time with, but they pretty much just make fun of the time I spend on yoga, weight training, and now especially with food. Some take particular pleasure in seeing if they can make me break and eat something I've cut out of my diet. And then telling me that cooking in butter, tallow and coconut oil is going to give me heart disease when I'm flinching as they pour sketchy vegetable oil into their recipes, to try and make them 'healthy'.

          It's a weird line to straddle. I am really happy with how I feel physically and mentally, and maybe my friends feel like I get a little too judgmental cause I happily talk about the changes I've made -when they're still doing the SAD diet and no exercise, I probably sound like a jerk. And honestly, you can visually see the difference in my health versus theirs, even when they are considerably younger. It's hard not to preach, which is funny since I am decidedly non-religious.

          So, things I used to thoughtlessly enjoy are no longer enjoyable and it feels lonely sometimes when no one else cares about the things I've come to care about. But, it has been nice when someone tells me that my chowder/beef stew/sauces are the best they've had. I don't feel as bad telling them how good food like that is made, cause they have already expressed appreciation.


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            You are not alone

            It started with food for hubby and I, too. The more you step out of the mainstream, the more you realize how few choices we really have. We are caught in a monkey trap.

            I have found peace by living a life that is as self-reliant as possible. I could and will do more, but there really is just no escaping it. We are all in this corporate dug hole together. It is hard sometimes not to just give in. But, I trudge along knowing that it will all collapse in on itself one day, and in the mean time there are things I can do to live the best life I can despite the weight of it all.

            This should help a bit, or maybe not: HumAnarchist


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              Nope, I knew all this before I started primal. I don't think it's an organised conspiracy as such, just that those with power and money act to futher their own interest with normally involves easing the way for the rest of those in the power group and royally fucking over the other 98%

              I recenty watched 'The Dictator' and the rant about what you can do in a dictatorship, which is exactly what we have in a 'democracy' (IMHO UK and USA are pretty well alinged arround this, though you have far more guns) make me laugh and cry at the same time.

              Think this is it, but have no speakers on this PC

              What I belive is 'Follow the Money: Find the Evil' When something shit is happening in the world, if you look you will normally find a corperation making money, for example hospitals being designed by formula companies for free, but designing the maternatiy wards in such a way that it makes breastfeeding as difficult as possible- so more babies get formula, so they make more money and more babies get sick as they have formula, so the hospitals get more paitents so get more money.
              You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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                There does not seem to be many degrees of separation between primal/paleo and the idea of being suspicious of the government. I discovered MDA through a Karen DeCoster article posted on Lew Rockwell....a very libertarian and anti-state website. Then if you watch any of the netflix documentaries about the state of food in our country, the sub-text is usually that government is responsible for the "SAD" state of America's diet.

                So I understand how you feel. I think its healthy to have an open yet suspicious mind.


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                  Primal is more fuel to my already hate for the entire political system in the U.S. I am disturbed by what I know about our politics and afraid of all of the horrible stuff that I'm sure they keep from us. I try not to let myself get too anxious about it because I can't change it. I avoid the news a lot because it makes me very anxious to watch it and because I hate the media almost as much as I hate the political system.



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                    When I walk thru the bread or cracker aisle at the market, I look straight ahead.


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                      Originally posted by Warmbear View Post
                      Heya, got your attention did I? Well then let me explain myself. Since becoming paleo, I have been reading a lot of related info and have discovered a lot of disturbing ideas. The big company conspiracy theories about how they try to program us, lie to use feed us crap food and then meds to treat what their food caused. Genetic manipulation of wheat making us sick and addicted... Government collusion in this conspiracy to control us and distract us and fleece us.

                      I have been reading books like the handmaiden's tale by Margaret Atwood and I see such a nightmare world slowing coming. Right wing conservative governments slowly taking our freedoms with fear and paranoia as justification, police forces becoming abusive dominating occupying forces crushing any protests and people just closing their shutters and claiming non involvement because it does not apply to them.

                      I never noticed all of this before and paid no attention anyways but now I see it all over the place and I have become convinced that we are being slowly boiled alive and not doing anything about it.

                      I am healthier than I have been in 30 years, more awake than ever before and seeing the noose close around our necks and I am literally freaking out on a regular basis as I see each example of jack booted totalitarianism crushing one more aspect of freedom.

                      I cant not pay attention I cant not care but this is making me crazier and crazier. I need peace.
                      My 'Alice in Wonderland' moment of seperation happened in 1990 when I went back to work after 20 years of raising a family. I had worked before and the changes in corporate culture were crazy-making. Literally. And the next younger generation didn't know what I was talking about,nor did those my age who had continued working and adapted over time.

                      After retirement I had time to really look around. And another 10 years to decide it wasn't me (that was crazy). Dishonest economics. Worthless money. Lying Gov't and Corporations. Yesterday I learned even out dirt is degraded. Imagine that. In the 1960's the RDA for Mg was 150mg. Today it's 400mg, because our dirt has less Mg in it. So I wonder what other minerals it's deficient in, or the RDA is too low for.

                      I even worry that my worry about what's going on around me is the worry that's causing my IBS, which is why I'm here worrying about my PB diet.

                      Thankfully I reached a decision about 8 months ago to stop worrying about it and become a true cynic. I find that a much better position. I can be happy in my cynicism.
                      "When the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power." - Alston Chase


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                        Interesting outlooks...Warmbear, where did you run off to?
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                          *Sigh* I was reading right up until I got to "right wing".

                          Please. We're not the nazis you lefties think we are. We're just as interested in health, clean eating, and freedom as you are. Find your devil elsewhere.
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                            Originally posted by EagleRiverDee View Post
                            *Sigh* I was reading right up until I got to "right wing".

                            Please. We're not the nazis you lefties think we are. We're just as interested in health, clean eating, and freedom as you are. Find your devil elsewhere.
                            But if you go far enough to the right there you find the racists and the Nazis, and, what I personally find worse, the total lack of empathy or humananitairian feelings towards 'others'. The 'I'm alright and if your not it's your own fault' attitide that seems to persist in right wing policies. If you can't afford heath care, or decent housing, or college education, it's your own fault for not trying hard enough. OK so some poople improves their lives, but not all, as not everyone can be provided for in the society we have, set up the way it is. Most people who can't afford decent housing and health care did not choose this way of life.

                            On the other hand go to far to the left and you get communisum, which while I agree with alot of the princiablas of socialism, for example, something like health-care that sould be IMO provided for the benifit of the population and paid for from taxes, be free at point of need should not be run for profit, but to provide the best care possible. Other things like utilitles and public transport should also IMO be managed for the benifit of the pubic who use the service not managed for profit.

                            Communisim dosn't however seem to work on a large scale and I have massive problems with the lack of freedom that seems to come hand in had with state control (see our last labour govenment and accusations of Nanny State), which seems to breed in people an expectation that everything should be done for you, which I am against, we need to take personal resposibility for our own action, but the state should be there to provide a safety net if we fall.

                            I'm basically anti-capitalist, pro-freedom and personal repsonibity, but also as an extension of personal respsonsibility -social responsibility. I have no objection to self employment, freedom to choose your own path, start your own buisness, work for someone else. But I think the greed and accumulation of capital in a capitalist society creaties massive inequality that those in power - ie those with the wealth - have no interest in changing.

                            I think that corporation are essetialy are force for evil - they only exsist to create profit with no moral guidance at-all, any pretence and a moral agender is only for corparate image, which is only done to improve profits.

                            I think once a company gets beyond partnership size (ie every employee is a true partner in the buisness) then companies should be run as co-operative, for the benifit of the members, who ever those members are. I think that wages need to follow the example set by the UK Co-op bank - no-one earns more than 5 times the wage of the lowest paid full-time member of staff.

                            I also think all profits over a certain level should be shared equally amoungst the workers, unless they are ear-marked for expansion projects alread commited to, given to independant charities or paid as tax. Puplic services should be run by the Co-operative system too, so they can be run efficantly, rather than being bogged down with bureocracy as seems to happen when the council run things, but also for the benfit of the service users, which dosn't happend when, for example, for profit companies fun bus services.

                            But I think it's just me that thinks like this, every-one else seem to thing you need to be a nazi or a commie
                            You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................


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                              I am here watching no worries. I have a newborn and that makes things complicated. I meant " right wing" in the list of things that make me crazy as another example of many. I am a center right type myself and have no issue with some of the basic conservative ideas but my issue is with the wild swing to the right that promotes a complete disregard for human and women's rights as promoted by many folks I see on the news.

                              I have real issues with the way conservatism has been hijacked by evangelical Christians who seem to have forgotten what Jesus was all about. ( I am a heathen btw ) I see the threat of a theocracy based on extremely distorted Christianity as worrisome as the idea of a Sharia based theocracy.

                              I do not think all right wingers are nutters, but many in power seem to want to be too right wing for my own good.

                              I also agree with Rob in that society should as a whole provide health care and reasonable education for everyone in that society, the sink or swim mentality just promotes too much anger and despair and misery to too many.

                              I live in Canada, I can go to a doc if I need to, the system is not perfect but without it I and my wife both would have died from issues we could never have paid for in the States. My wife and I both live better lives due to an education provided at a cost we can afford though I have to pay my student loans back for another 8 years. Yes my taxes are higher but all in all my life is safer and healthier because of it.
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                                but many in power seem to want to be too right wing for my own good.
                                I think it is important to understand that the motive of the politician is pandering. I doubt many in congress really give a shit about abortion. They just pander.

                                I've always viewed politicians as people that get in the way and take far too much credit....

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