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  • winter dehydration

    I honestly think my issues with intermittent low blood pressure, blurry vision and fatigue are related to some level of dehydration. I find it difficult to drink water in the winter---and the air has been super dry this past month plus (although we always keep a pot of water on our woodstove and humidifiers in all the bedrooms. I can easily drink a lot of rooibos tea---but I'm thinking that this perhaps isnt hydrating me...would rooibos have the same diuretic effect as regular tea?? This is all most noticeable on days I'm lap swimming. Help me hydrate??
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    Do you like warm water with a tiny squeeze of lemon? I know lemon is a little bit of a diuretic, but a tiny bit wouldn't be the same as some teas.

    When I google rooibos, there are mixed answers as to whether it's a diuretic.

    Bone broth is a good hydrator. And I think I read at your blog that you like salt? Salty bone broth would probably turn my fingers into fatty hands, but if you're dehydrated, this might be good for you. And who doesn't like a nice hot mug of bone broth on a cold day?
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      Herb teas do not act as a diuretic as I understand and can help with hydration. I 2nd the bone broth in general., or just broth

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        i have laid off the bone broth in the past 2 weeks or so...Thank you for that great reminder! Off to thaw some out for tomorrow!
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          What's the issue with drinking water in the winter? I find I drink tons of water for the very reason that the house is dry, the car is dry and the office I work in is dry --- water just seems to be the natural 'go to'.
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            I like room temp water---but out of our faucet is icy cold well water. When I leave a glass out on the counter for an hour or tastes lovely!
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              Ice water and chocolate are very good together. One of my favorites.
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                ice water and ice cream was lovely...not necessarily here in the winter with the cold temps! Luckily we are supposed to break into the high 30s and 40s in a week. Hubby just put the taps in our maple trees for syrup making that will be starting up.
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                  I'm having a hard time with this also. Just not really thirsty, but having symptoms of dehydration... muscle cramps, chapped lips, dry eyes.


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                    What about setting a pitcher of water out instead of just a glass, and top it up whenever you take some?
                    I struggle with this a lot, too...since I'm always cold, drinking water in the winter is just not appealing to me, so I go with herbal tea...but since I'm exhibiting plenty of signs of dehydration, I'm wondering if I'm shooting myself in the foot. I've started alternating each mug of tea with a mug of just hot water with lemon in it...can't say for sure if it's working or not.