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Toe spreaders, barefoot shoes

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  • Toe spreaders, barefoot shoes

    Ok, so I finally bought a pair of minimalist shoes. Lems™ Shoes - Barefoot & Ultra-Minimalist Lifestyle Shoes On their site they recommend buying toe spreaders to correct incorrect toe position caused by years of regular shoes. The product they recommend costs $65. I am not going to pay $65 to have more cavemen-like toes. I saw similar products on Amazon for as low as $8, but I'm not sure what the difference is, if anything. Does anyone here know anything about this? Will my toe position correct itself naturally over time or is there something inexpensive I could buy or make to accomplish the same thing?

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    Those things on Amazon are made of a hard foam and are for wearing only while painting the toenails.

    I've never worn toe spreaders... and have great spread.
    But I wear VFF's and have been wearing them for about 3 years... or a little more.
    VFFs by design spread your toes because of the separation.

    If you want your toes to spread to a more natural position... go barefoot.
    This page explains a little about what a toe spreader does, however.
    Joy-a-Toes Toe Spreaders
    This is the one my friend who is addicted to high heels wears at night because her toes are crossing and crooked as hell and her doctor threatens her with surgery.
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      I have hammertoes (as does my brother and my late grandmother, so it's genetic) and was told by my podiatrist to get a pair of these to help out with them, as when I go running I experience toe issues. -- SmartToes Toe Stretcher & Straightener: Alleviate Bunions, Hammer Toe & Plantar Fasciitis. Align Toes & Feet. Ultimate Relief For Stressed Out Feet!: Health & Personal Care

      They're not incredibly cheap, but I adore them. They're not straightening my toes (only surgery will do that) but they help relax them after I do workouts or wear heels.
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        I think it will work perfectly. Recently I bought a toe stretcher and whenever I feel the pain I wear this stretcher and my pain vanished. This is not an expensive product. Those types of things can work for flexible hammer toes, ones that will straighten passively. You can check out the details here: do toe stretchers work well?