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Life without food; fasting on water!

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    Like j3nn said, starvation mode is the protective slowdown of your metabolism to prolong survival during stressful times because your body is literally consuming itself to provide fuel. This is a good thing if you're literally starving and food isn't available, but not optimal for weight management in the long term.
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      Starvation mode comes into play when the body can't get enough energy from fat fast enough for it's various tasks, but you have to be pretty lean before that to happen, and the demand for energy must also be high. The body slow dow the metabolism to protect lean body mass and internal organs, but people with enough bodyfat doesen't need to worry much if at all...
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        Amazing how people can let go of 6 meals/day, the idea that 60% of calories should come from carbs, the wheat/grain/legumes model, and even turn their back on the whole cholesterol fairy tale.

        But starvation mode? Nope, that one's carved in stone.
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        Who says back fat is a bad thing? Maybe on a hairy guy at the beach, but not on a crab.


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          I don't believe in starvation mode in overweight people either. My biggest pet peeve with nutrition online forums as a whole is when someone is advised to eat more, when seeking input on issues with weight loss. It makes me cringe every time when I read "you are not eating enough and your body is holding on to........"


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            Hi, I used to starve myself and eat less than 200 cals a day for long periods of time.
            You do loose weight, that's for sure.
            One of the ways to diagnose anorexia is how low your BMI is, so. If starvation mode was a thing the way everybody talks like it is, anoretics would not be underweight.

            I don't think any medical professional will tell you fasting for 40 days without being morbidly obese is healthy or safe, and I think a lot of people use religion, or 'healthy eating', to cover up an eating disorder. Glad she's ok now, but she looks very sick in that last video.