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  • Primal Boss is that!

    Just have to applaud my Boss!

    I work for a Chiropractor and one of the reasons I chose to work there is because of his passion for health. He is also extremely outgoing with a magnetic personality.

    I had borrowed the Primal Blueprint book from a patient of ours and yesterday when I got to work my Boss had bought us each our own copy since we both like to highlight and make notes when we read. How cool is that?

    He believes in the lifestyle and I feel extremely blessed to work in such a healthy environment

    It's the little things in life that make the world a better place...............

    He also brought in the ingredients for "Bullet Proof Coffee" Grass fed unsalted butter, MCT and a French press. After my lunch break I came back to a creamy coffee treat!

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    Outstanding. I wish I worked there too
    Caution! My replies may contain traces of nuts!. My posts are just my opinion based on my experience with the primal way of life, there is no assurance it will work with others in the same way.

    Started Primal 15th October 2012
    Height 5'9"
    Start weight 200lb
    Loss so far 33.8lbs, now 166.2lb
    Goal was 168lb's


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      How nice! Mine is either starving himself or stuffing his face with junk food or nuts he buys at the dollar store, and then complains all the time about weight, tendinitis, being too old (early 50s, come on), and chronic nasal inflammation. Almost entertaining.
      Well good for you! (and good for him!!)
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        Today I walked around the office in my socks! No shoes all day.........gotta love that


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          Unfortunately, no one in my office is primal. But, I was totally impressed when they figured out a dark chocolate fondue with fruit for my birthday, instead of the obligatory carrot cake and ice cream!


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            Being a primal boss myself I can assure you that nobody here even have heard about such a thing as “bulletproof coffee”, and if so they wouldn’t be allowed to serve it either! My female office assistants have free access to herbal tea/Coffee and of course CokeZero with lime juice and ice. I also sponsor their gym membership, because as a responsible boss I recognize the importance of maintaining a lean and attractive figure, especially when working here at my office...
            "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

            - Schopenhauer