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Bad Stomach Ache before meals, food seems to alleviate symptoms

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    By your responses it doesn't seem to be of serious nature.

    The 10 years dealing with the rash is a chronic issue and if the size of the rash has increased over that time, well it would suggest a more need to further address your immune system. I would increase more fermented and anti-inflammatory foods, probiotics, healthy oils, and sulfur rich foods (unless you are allergic to sulfur).

    Dull ache pain usually not suggest stones blockage. No fever usually suggests not appendicitis.

    Doesn't sound like compacted bowels or rectal/stomach cancer. Since you are a male, can rule out ectopic pregnancy.

    It could be abdominal muscle strain or slight hernia. It could be inflamed inguinal lymph node.

    It could be h.pylori or ulcer. But usually stomach problems like ingestion, bloating, pain/discomfort and ulcers are related to the abdominal region above the belly button.

    You also responded that your stool was a bit mushy, this suggests possibly something related with the intestines. I would place a warming pad or a warm/damp (not wet) wash cloth over your lower abdomen, including the belly button.....for about 10-15 minutes each night before bed time. In some cases (diarrhea), it may be a good idea to place some salt directly into your navel and then placing the warming pad/washcloth.

    I would also suggest maybe to take it easy on any abdominal workout routines, just as a precaution if it is indeed a muscle strain, semi-tear, or inguinal hernia. If the pain persists, maybe talk to your PCP who may refer you to a specialist/surgeon for consult.


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      Over last few days I gone low carb and eating just paleo style and my stomach aches have been non-existent. I did have a processed turkey type thing with breadcrumbs yesterday and got a stomach ache again so I'm inclined to think I can't tolerate gluten, I'll keep a close eye on that.

      I did have some pretty nasty headaches since going paleo again, fortunately it seems to have passed.