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Americans: Do you take the U.N seriously?

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    I don't even take the US Congress seriously. Doesn't the UN pay us to send soldiers to other countries and kill people or some such? The building has pretty flags. Oh, and maybe sometimes they go look for stuff. *chuckle*
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      As the very British Ali G once said "I'm standing here outside the United Nations of Benetton..."
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        Thomas Jefferson said it best, “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations...entangling alliances with none.”

        We should not be in the UN. We should have no part in the UN, it's resolutions, "peace keeping" missions, etc. But we also shouldn't be bombing people in Pakistan with drones, installing puppet dictators, and orchestrating trade embargoes to countries just because we disagree with them. Sadly, no one listens to me.


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          The demographic I hear the most noise from (conservative homeschoolers) regarding the UN considers that body a threat. This conservative slice of America believes that political currents are afoot that would make UN policy the law of the land, superseding our Constitution, most especially in regard to the powers of the state versus the rights of parents to direct the lives of their minor children as they see fit.

          In that regard, these parents and concerned individuals take the UN very seriously; not in what the UN (without US participation, that is) could "do" to the US, but that mostly through our own negligence and ignorance we will sign some agreement that would put us under the governance of non-Americans who would restrict freedoms such as we currently have. Otherwise, nobody here ever, ever brings the UN up - they are mostly engaged in talk about the Bill of Rights / Constitution.
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            I honestly have no idea what the UN does. I think what you will find most from the common American is general ignorance and apathy for things beyond their immediate sphere. :P We are a rather self-absorbed group, concerned primarily with our own lives and our own country. It seems we think most about other countries only when they are infringing upon us in some way (via out sourcing of jobs, withholding of resources like oil, as examples) or being considered as possible travel destinations.

            I personally take very little interest in politics, be it national or global. I have enough on my plate without that. I think for a lot of us, the degree to which we are affected by political doings seems very slight. We don't have a Really Big Picture view. I know that new laws may affect me tomorrow, but they don't affect me today, and I have pressing concerns that Do affect me today, so that is where my mind is.


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              Originally posted by YogaBare View Post
              Hence I was asking each individual, yo. MDA is the only access I have to a wide plethora of Americans
              I'm with you. That was sorta pointed at someone else...


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                The UN's whole mandate is to take wealth away from the west and give it to the third world. They are the enemy of me and my family, I take them deathly seriously.
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                  Does anyone?

                  It varies. You'll find people in the US who call of the UN's abolishment, and you'll find people who think its mission is a good thing in the world, it's just questionable whether their actions are effective or not. I'm in the latter camp.

                  I read the comment you were referring to. I saw it as self-deprecating since the person who wrote it was American, so mostly sarcastic but with a grain of truth.
                  Pretty much like my little joke at the beginning here.

                  Although not taking the UN seriously seems to be far from a uniquely American thing: Mock The Week Series 3 episode 2 ll Unhelpful Things To Say In A Crisis - YouTube
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                    Originally posted by magicmerl View Post
                    It's basically a way for smaller countries to do what the larger countries want without being explicitly dominated by the larger countries. See: coalition of the willing.

                    I seem to see several appeals to america's authority/autonomy by virtue of it's wealth in this thread....
                    They don't seem to be able to do anything either serious or seriously. So I"ll think for another minute. . .. Nope.

                    Since the middle of the 19th Century there have been Americans who pushed for a World Government. First the League of Nations, now the United Nations. The United Nations provides an arena which occupies a lot of appointees (insiders) a place to talk, to demand more money from America, and to cry about world affairs and how unjust and incompassionate we are.

                    There are also many Americans against any thought of a world Gov't or a world court. We're "free and independent" after all. (Except that today Eric Holder had to be pushed hard to conceed that in the matter of our Gov't being able to kill Americans at home.)
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                      Short answer: No

                      It's like this:

                      'MURICA !

                      cannot be unseen:

                      so, yea. I'm concerned about the cost of my food, housing, and healthcare. imma typical self-centered american.
                      we could leave the UN tomorrow and I wouldn't care at all.
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                        Only when they get Americans killed through their military adventures....


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                          Originally posted by canio6 View Post
                          I believe I was the one who made the original statement in Gadsie's post. What I meant by not taking them seriously is that most Americans either A) have no idea they exist B) are vaguely familiar with them but couldn't careless. Others love them, others hate them but most just shrug. As such, when Gadsie was speaking about food laws enforced worldwide, I asked enforced by who, the UN? And said, that Americans would not take them seriously assuming they tried to push some agenda. America ignores them (rightly) on Kyoto, ignores them every time Iran's Mouthpiece gets up and speaks, and basically ignores everything they say.

                          That said, why would you take a body seriously that expects America to foot most of the bill while appointing countries like Iran, Libya, and Somalia to a council on human rights. That is like making foxes members of the chicken coop committee on chicken safety. Also, when a UN Soldier writes an email to his family saying he is about to die because Hezbollah/Hamas (I do not recall which) is using their UN outpost as a place to launch attacks on Israel and it is a matter of time until the Israeli's bomb it, how do you take them seriously as peacekeepers? The UN is frankly rather a laughable body. They seem to spend most of their time complaining that richer countries are evil while trying to exploit them for money.

                          The idea of the UN has merit, but the actual institution has absurdly little power. There is no way that the UN could "enforce" and law on the US which the US is not happy to follow. Smaller/less powerful countries, maybe? (then again, maybe not. North Korea, anyone?)
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                            yall are about to see how serious the american ruling class takes the UN, because they are citing UN Drug Prohibition Treaties as a reason to ignore State's legalization of marijuana. Next american war is going to be on US soil, cannabis ration militias and shit.
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                              Yes I take the UN seriously as a threat to my way of life as a free person. It is a black hole for money and freedom.

                              The UN is very much in the picture on programs that will directly affect everyone, worldwide. For starters, do some research on these two issues, then look at what our national and your state and local governments are up to in these areas.

                              Agenda 21, (sustainable development) is a UN program. Read what they want to do, then go check your own area's community development plan and look for similarities.

                              Global Warming / Climate Change / Kyoto treaty. The UN is driving the train. You may or may not believe in it, but the consequences of things like the Kyoto and the IPCC campaigns will be felt everywhere

                              AAARGH: “Doesn't the UN pay us to send soldiers to other countries and kill people or some such?” No. We pay. And if they did pay us, where do you think they'd get the money? We provide the people, and equipment, and the expertise from the premier military force in the world. And look at the great results from UN military activity post WW II. Any successes come to mind?
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                                No, I don't take the UN seriously. The UN is a joke. Unfortunately a dangerous joke. Quite frankly can... pardon my language... the UN can fuck off and leave me the hell alone.

                                Rig D... THANK YOU. It's awesome to see someone else aware of Agenda 21. That's some dangerous territory right there.