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Thoughts/Ideas on a fasting & liver detox for Spring?

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  • Thoughts/Ideas on a fasting & liver detox for Spring?

    I don't want any gimmicks or purchase any scammy products. I just want real, good food that will give me a good Spring clean.

    Thoughts? Ideas?

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    If I were inclined to do a cleanse, I would be

    drinking 3 or 4 green-based smoothies a day plus lots of mineral water with lemon. I would use kale, cucumber, perhaps some berries, parsley, an apple or some berries, water and ice. I would do it as a smoothie, not juicing.

    Heck, it sounds so appealing I might join you!


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      Water. I'm not being facetious. I really believe that the best fast is a supervised water fast for about 10 days. Some people go as long as 30 with no ill effects.

      I've just started taking a milk thistle supplement for my liver, but it may be gimmicky. I just figured it wouldn't hurt and it might help.
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        I knew a woman who did that "liver cleanse" where you drink a massive quantity of olive oil in addition to some non-food stuff. It just about destroyed her health, and after that she was never able to eat a normal diet again.


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          the liver required water and oils to "cleanse"

          water soluble wastes and lipid soluble wastes

          I have always used MCT to provide that lipid just because it gets converted to Ketones and not ( normally ) stored

          the other thing to consider is that you want a cleanse. if your toilet was backed up you would use draino ( or something similar)

          Magnesium and Vitamin C cause the bowel to empty allowing the liver to dump its toxins into an empty-ish tube of your intestines...

          additionally controlling bacteria is important. a candida overgrowth can slow down movements. interestingly mag + mct + xylitol( made from birch only not corn) kills excess candida... which must be expressed out of the system

          foods for thought
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            Thanks guys. That gives me a good base to work with. I have the mag, and the vit C. Water, coconut oil... maybe work in a green smoothie full of good greens. Awesome.


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              I have done two of those 10-day lemon juice Master Cleanse things, and liked the effects very much. Both were before I knew about Primal, for what that is worth. If you are familiar with that particular protocol, I did not do the salt water, though - just couldn't do it, even though I tried.

              I was thinking of a spring clean myself.
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