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Teach me about Coffee please. House blend, morning blend, WTF?

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    Originally posted by not on the rug View Post
    really? what kind of ridiculous statement is that? apparently we don't have the internet here, great coffee shops, artisian roasters, or access to the best beans in the world? i guess i must be deluded in to thinking that my bastard breed morning coffee, grown in the slums of jersey city and roasted with a bic lighter was the nectar of the gods. please enlighten us ignorant residents of north america
    Untwist your knickers, it was a joke. But like most jokes, it has an element of truth. I haven't been anywhere in Europe where the local coffee was bad, except for Greece where they had a fondness for Nescafe despite Greek coffee being good. I can't say the same for North America, where I've struggled to find a decent cup in my visits over a couple of decades. Your coffee culture is dominated by large chains selling confectionary. While I have no doubt there is some good coffee, it isn't easy for a visitor to find. Parts of Australia are bad too, and we have our share of crappy chain stores, but it's easier to walk into one of the other coffee shops and find a passable coffee
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      A lot depends on where you live.
      If you live in an area with independent coffee shops, they are a good source for coffee beans.
      I used to get this at the Farmer's Market:
      La Frontera - Counter Culture Coffee

      Loved it. Now I am cheap and get the $5 bag of french roast at Trader Joes. Love it.
      Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!