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Low resting heart rate.

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  • Low resting heart rate.

    My resting heart rate is usually 40-44 bpm, I'm pretty active I have a fairly physical job (I work stock for a big pet store) and I crossfit anywhere from 3-5 times a week. I am 5'6 and range anywhere from 135-140 pounds I'd say 18-21 % body fat. Is a low resting heart rate a sign of cardiac health?Or a sign of low metabolism/ bad health? I've heard both theories and I'd like your input.
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    Generally for the physically active and athletes, a low resting heart rate is a sign of health.

    However, low resting heart rate for the elderly (bradycardia) usually signifies poor cardiac output.

    If you are not suffering from any symptoms, I wouldn't focus too much on the lower rate. If your heart rate remained low while you were performing crossfit exercises I would start to be concerned.


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      Sounds like you are in good health.

      Not dizzy, lightheaded, etc?


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        No dizziness or anything unless I have too much caffeine...which I think is unrelated. I just wasn't sure if it was *too* low. A year ago my resting heart rate was about 70.


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          What time of day did you measure it?
          First thing in the morning or late at night it will generally be lowest, technically around 4am is lowest and around 4-6pm will be the highest.
          As a general rule in the 50's is low, so very fit, if you are in the 40's then this is getting superfit or possibly a problem, it doesnt sound like you have any other symptoms so you are most likely fine.

          Try tracking it for a while at the same time of day, first thing am is good and just see if it is fairly consistant.
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            I think it depends on a lot. For me, when I was at my largest, my resting heart rate was around 57-60, and now it's around 40-44 as yours. I think for me it's just genetics, ie the way I am.
            Could be the same for you. Otherwise, voice your concern to your doctor when you see him.