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  • broken pancreas

    My soon to be husband says that his Dr. told him that his pancreas no longer works and was put on insulin about 3 years ago. Is it possible for someone like this to become insulin sensitive again and rejuvenate their pancreas? He had been a police officer and was involved in sports for many years, but after an accident he was forced to become less active for a while and continued to eat the same amount of food. I am helping him to become primal and he is beginning to respect the philosophy. Also, he has retinitis pigmentosa, and has trouble reading, is the Primal Blueprint sold as an ebook or on tape for those who have trouble reading?
    Thanks, Sandyboots

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    There is no harm in going primal, but I wouldn't count on such improvement happening to a type 1 diabetic.


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      Yes. Have him take systemic enzymes (I take zymessence) and follow the GAPS diet.


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        These may be helpful: One and two.

        Also, would recommend increasing exercise, HIIT to build muscle and improve insulin sensitivity.


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          It cant hurt never know.........

          Even if it doesnt reverse his insulin dependence....he wants to do everything he can to improve his health so that he minimises complications down the track.

          If it is any consolation to darling Dad was diagnosed with diabetes in his mid 50's and it was caused from eating all the wrong things and having too much weight on. He is now 86. He had a double knee replacement at 84.....he got up..despite the pain and is now walking around with a stick...whereas he would ahve been in a wheelchair......

          His health of course isnt as good as it could have been if he had been more aware of the implications of his chosen lifestyle that lead to his diabetes. AND he followed 'doctors advice' which got him part of the way but of course not the whole way to the wellness he could have had. I feel very sad that it has only been in the last two years that I have finally worked out our families gene expression (my son and I are genetically like my Dads side of the family) and if I had known what I know now back when dad was first diagnosed he would be even more well now I am sure and what I am saddest about is when he was first diagnosed there was a window of opportunity where we might have reversed things.

          So Dad is mostly there with his diet and exercise and it has paid off. He has very few complications from his diabetes and whilst I expect it will take him in the end.....he is doing very well.

          So my strongest so glad about what we know now...and what a wonderful resource Mark provides us with and the internet gives us. Follow the Primal Diet to the letter

          and if something miraculous sure to let us know,,,,and whatever you do....make sure you are careful about monitoring meds just stopping anything !!