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  • Hearing improvement

    Six months ago, I was trying to figure out how I could afford hearing aids (>$2000/ear). I had an audiology exam and was told that I had nerve damage, that my hearing would never improve. I was constantly asking people to repeat themselves.

    Now, it sure seems like my hearing has mostly returned. I always hear what people are saying unless they are really mumbling or speaking very softly. The only thing I've done differently is IF most days.

    Has anyone else had this happen?
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    I have not had this happen, but William Banting did, upon being prescribed a low-carb diet: William Banting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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        I don't really seem to understand your question? can you reformulate it?
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          Could it be that instead of actual hearing issues, you had an auditory processing disorder which means although you could hear people (hence asking "them to repeat themselves) but couldn't fully form what they were saying - particularly in the presence of other noise?

          Just a random hypothesis - I may be off the mark. But if you did have auditory processing disorder (google it), the primal diet could have definitely helped that.


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            That's great new. Congratulations. PB gives lots of gifts.
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              don't ruin your hearing with beiber songs! lol

              also, that's cool.