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How do you deal with living in a house where only you are primal?

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  • How do you deal with living in a house where only you are primal?

    I live with my sister, her diet is bad even by CW standards. My pantry/kitchen is full of sweets, snacks, chocolates, donuts, doritos, coke, you name it.

    And to add insult to injury, she's a pastry chef, so every once in a while I come to a house that smells like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cake, etc.

    The way I deal with it is first, I keep plenty of paleo approved food/snacks around, so whenever I have a craving I have a better alternative or something that isn't as bad (like cheese for example). However, very once in a while, I'm just not strong enough and I give in, in those cases I don't make a big deal about it and just go back to my normal diet afterwards like nothing happened (perfect is the enemy of good, right?).

    Take today for instance: I walk into the kitchen and there's a box of glazed donuts on the counter (hmm, donuts, :drool, so got the hell out of there quickly and erased it from my memory, but later I found some caramel coated almonds..well, at least the almond part is paleo....damn it! so here I am, 10 nuts later and feeling a bit mad.

    So, who else has this problem?

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    Lots of us have this problem. (Well, it isn't much of a problem for me but it is for many.) You are doing a great job! Maybe sis would be willing to keep her non-primal stuff out of sight? The longer you are on Primal/Paleo, the less tempted you will be. Hardly any sweets even tempt me any more. Keep doing what you are doing.
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      I know exactly how you feel! I started a thread not too long ago asking people how they did it, because I was finding it so hard. I live in a household of 8 people, and I'm the only Primal eater. It's very frustrating. I just have to remind myself that if I eat 'it', I'll feel terrible for the rest of the day. Plus, having an online journal here really helps. Really, really helps.


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        I have this problem. I take the view that that food is poison to me, if I eat it I am poisoning myself. This is partially true because I am gluten intolerant. Once I started thinking this way it became a lot easier to walk away from food I shouldn't eat.


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          Originally posted by suzyq View Post
          I have this problem. I take the view that that food is poison to me, if I eat it I am poisoning myself. This is partially true because I am gluten intolerant. Once I started thinking this way it became a lot easier to walk away from food I shouldn't eat.
          This. This is especially so - even if not severely gluten intolerant - if you've ever done a "ok, we can go out for pizza, just this once" night, and felt like crap for two days afterwards.

          Since I do a lot of the cooking, though, the others in the house are frequently eating primally as a consequence (whether they like it or not - and haven't gotten many complaints yet). But they'll still eat bread, and I have to dodge the chips and such in the pantry.


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            Susyq: Me too! I never used to be gluten intolerant or sensitive, but since going Primal, my body has flatly refused to accept any wheat at all. If I have even a mouthful of a muffin, or bread, then I have really painful bloating for the next 3 hours, plus diarrhea for 3 days.


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              I'm spoiled because I live alone. But for several weeks my sister has been with me recuperating from surgery--and she has a very SAD diet, including a lot of 'treats' for herself because she feels she needs them in 'recovery.'

              I've just mentally 'fenced off' all her things. They are not foods I eat. Period. And I don't find myself at all tempted, especially when I actually consider 'my food' so much better!


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                Sort of on-topic: We had friends visit for a few days. When they left, there was an unopened bottle of Coke in the fridge. I looked into the fridge and there is was, looking as far out of place as I could imagine. Where the hell did THAT come from I asked my wife. I would have said the same thing if there had been a turd in the fridge. Neither strike me as food.


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                  Struggling with the same thing, myself. I notice that I can easily indulge in something without it bothering me. Simply return to my normal mode. However, lately I've noticed that one indulgence is very likely to result in another - even if I inevitably experience painful bloating or worse later.

                  Starting to think, that at this early stage (4 months in) that I should simply not allow myself those indulgences. I might do better with a philosophy of "that is not food" for myself. Who knows?
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                    My husband and daughter are in various degrees of not-so-voluntary primal because I am primal and I do almost all cooking and shopping so that helps. I haven't thrown out all non-primal stuff and I do make some white potatoes and rice a few times a week, but like Jules Winfield said in Pulp Fiction, "My girlfriend's a vegetarian which pretty much makes me a vegetarian." I'm primal so it pretty much makes them primal. Making a few primal treats hasn't hurt. Sunday it was chocolate coffee "donuts". I also made some snickerdoodles last week. I think my willingness to put bacon in almost every vegetable I cook hasn't hurt at all I use it more for a garnish and a bit of flavor rather than eating it by the pound. When trying to convert the resistant, bacon is your friend, as far as I'm concerned! I think the key is to be somewhat flexible, refrain from getting overly dogmatic and acting like a reverse vegan, make some good tasting food and be patient. I am noticing my daughter trying lots of vegetables she didn't like or wouldn't try before. This week, she's eaten butternut squash, cabbage, and summer squash/zucchini. That wouldn't have happened before. Good luck!
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                      The problem I have right now is that I had a very nasty flu last week, stomach pain, nausea, diarreah, the works. And ever since then I haven't recovered my taste for primal foods :s , my stomach still feels a little funny, I've eaten food that I usually love but right now, I have to force myself to eat them. I hope it goes away soon.

                      Part of the problem for me is that whenever I have stomach issues, my go-to comfort foods are not primal, usually white rice, toast and believe it or not, coke. I had that last week for a few days because I couldn't eat anything else, now I'm strugling to go back to primal. First time this has happened to me.


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                        White rice is okay. When I worked for veterinarians, they used to put animals on a mix of white rice and ground beef with the fat rinsed off after cooking. One time I tried it for me when I couldn't keep anything down well, and it worked okay. Bland with a little salt as the only seasoning.

                        My mom used to give me cola syrup when I had a tummy ache as a child, so I totally understand the coke.

                        Hope you feel better soon!
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