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I still have acne! :(

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    Originally posted by Lizzielou View Post
    Try re-reading PB, all sorts of claims in there about the wonderful state of your skin and no viral illness's etc. So I don't believe everything I read, nor does Primal eating have to follow through with all those claims to make me think that it's worthwhile, but it would be nice to see some improvement. I can live with the odd spot of acne.
    Mehh... never read the book, sorry.

    It has helped though, just not a cure. Avoiding high-GI foods helps. There's many other things that help:

    - Only using water, or a very gentle soap (I use pure glycerin soap)
    - Not over-washing your skin
    - Changing your face towel often (the one you use to dry your face, so you aren't rubbing your hair oils into it)
    - Changing your pillow case often.
    - Not using shampoo: I found that my hair would get "oily" less quickly once I stopped using shampoo. I could finally go a day without it looking bad. Just use water.
    - Monitor stress levels: For example, I can be surfing the internet, and not even realize that I'm beginning to feel stressed, just from sitting there too long maybe. So I then get up, and go for a short walk.
    - Getting adequate sleep: When I wake up from a good night's sleep, my skin is less red, calmer, and looks like it even healed a bit over night.


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      I have had acne for a very long time and I got rid of it before I started paleo,actually.If you eat dairy,it could be causing acne.I would often get acne from eating dairy.Also make sure your hair isn't greasy.I know it sounds weird but when your hair is greasy you can get pimples,too.


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        Please try cod liver oil (Green Pasture)

        I have no pimples anymore since I use it.

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          I have skin issues too--49 years old and the only time in my life I had reliably clear skin was when I took antibiotics for it. A couple things I've gleaned from other threads like this one:

          First, I think skin takes a *long* time to heal. I'm not sure why that is, but in threads about acne or other skin things like eczema, sometimes people are talking about it taking anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to see real improvement.

          Second, a number of people talk about eliminating dairy and/or nuts.

          But I still wonder a couple of things, too--for instance, if it takes skin so long to heal, why do people get breakouts so quickly from dietary changes? If it takes weeks of being dairy-free to clear up one's skin, then why does one night of pizza translate to zits the next day?

          And related to this, I wonder if those "fell off the wagon" breakouts are really stress-related and not dietary (not that this would have to be an all-or-nothing across-the-board kind of thing, but even just in part, or sometimes). For me, at least, I fall off the wagon *because* I'm stressed. Even if it's happy stress--like, I'm out with friends and having a blast--it's likely accompanied by at least lack of sleep, and possibly underlying stress like I feel guilty about stuff I'm not getting done. So I wonder what really causes those breakouts.

          Just some thoughts.

          Also--I alternate using regular old OTC benzoyl peroxide cream and salicylic acid gel. They both seem to help a lot. Oddly, I have also mostly stopped using soap. Trying for the best of both worlds, I suppose : )