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Ladies: re skincare: over-the-counter retinol? Glycolic acid? Opinions?

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    Originally posted by BestBetter View Post
    Interesting...I have very dry skin, and castor oil has made such an improvement. Also, I think not using a face wash anymore has also helped; only using either honey or oil to cleanse my face doesn't leave it feeling like I washed it with sandpaper (which is how store-bought face wash usually feels to me).
    How do you use the oil/honey to clean and hydrate?
    Want to know more as I have dry and sensitive skin too and have always used over the counter products, never crossed my mind to use natural ingredients.
    Paleo since April 2013 for health reasons.


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      I have experimented with the oil cleansing method, but had issues finding the right combination. I have been using DHC Deep cleansing oil for years, and their olive virgin oil for moisturizing. It is fantastic stuff, and keeps the acne at bay and also does not strip or dry my skin.

      My skin is quite sensitive, and even the coconut oil on the face caused a rash.

      I am 38, and most people think I have not hit 30 yet.