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    Anyone have a garden? I have two 5-gallon buckets I'm going to plant in but I don't know what I want to plant. Spinach and Tomatoes, methinks... though I'd love to do bell-peppers, some other leafy greens, radishes... I don't know. Primal garden thoughts?

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    I grow many vegetables but find lettuce to be the easiest to grow in small areas. Lettuce seeds are also easy to save at the end of the season.


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      Look into square foot gardening as well. I had a very successful garden with four 4x4 squares. That allowed me to grow 64 different veggies/herbs. The concept is you plant one variety in a 1 x 1 foot square and plan out the garden to optimize space. For things like Strawberries and tomatoes, you must get some type of protection from birds and rabbits, etc.

      I devoted one 4 x 4 (16 squares) to herbs, lettuces and spinach, one 4 x4 (16 squares to things like carrots, squash, zucchini, radishes, bell-peppers, jalapeno peppers, and tomatoes. I dedicated one 4 x 4 to starchy veggies (this was before I went primal) to things like corn on the cobb, potato's, sweet potato's, asparagus and a couple of other tubers. The last 4 x 4 was dedicated to strawberries, cherry tomatoes and a couple of things that never grew.

      I am currently planning on installing this type of garden next I like the raised bed with a 20" tall base and the protective elements from bugs, pests, birds, weeds, etc. I am also hoping this will allow me to extend my growing season until the first freeze, which takes a while in Texas.

      It is great fun and truly enjoyable to pick fresh veggies and herbs for meals.

      In your limited space, I would do some type of spinach, lettuce, etc. and tomatoes. Add some meat to the lettuce and tomatoes and you have the base of a Big Ass Salad.
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        Shameless group plug

        Anything salady seems to work, I can't visualise 5 gallons but try tumbling cherry tomatoes, lettuces, other leaves such as rocket or sorrel, spring onions, radishes, herbs.....
        There are lots of resources on container gardening, it depends what you want to eat really


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          I have what I call the "Devil's Pepper Garden". I grow bhut jolokia peppers to make sauce and also powder if I get enough of them. Being as hot as they are, the seedlings aren't sold any where that I know about so, I start them as seeds. I use a heating pad to get them to the right temperature to germinate during the winter. When they first come up I put them under grow lights for a while until the days are long enough then I move them to a South facing window. Finally when I'm convinced that the outside temperature is going to stay over fifty they get moved into my garden.


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            I have 2 raised beds this year and am growing zucchini,yellow squash,4 varieties of peppers & 4 of tomatoes. I put my herbs in smaller container gardens. Lettuce/spinach is great but is usually a cooler weather crop, here in Georgia there is no way I can get it to grow until Sept, although the pros can! Good luck! Go for tomatoes for sure, they are fairly easy.

            Tip: spray the plant with a mix of dish soap + oil + water + garlic or hot sauce...helps keep the pests away! Egg shells help keep catepillars and slugs away.
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