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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently studying to be a family nurse practitioner and will graduate in august. I am not interested in practicing traditional medicine, but want to be able to help those in a holistic manner, with emphasis in lifestyle measures like a naturopathic doctor. I live in Mississippi, and people here look at you are crazy if you tell them to stop eating cornbread, beans, and deep fried vegetables. People just want to get a pill and go back to their old ways.

    I wondered if any of you guys knew of any career opportunities in which I could apply my credentials. I would be really interested in helping people with eating disorders, but I would be happy promoting health and wellness to any population.

    Thank you,

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    See PaleoDocs, online.
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      Your best bet may be to start your own business. Move to a more liberal/progressive part of the country where the demand is higher for such a business, and try out a holistic nutrition/fitness/stress management approach.

      You wouldn't need to market it as "primal", but, as long as the methods you implement are effective, it could be successful.

      I've often thought about doing the same, but at the moment, have other priorities (traveling).
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        Maybe look into working at a functional medicine practice, if there are any in your area? Still a medical practice with MDs and such - but a much more holistic approach, incorporating diet, supplements, probiotics, etc. rather than just giving out pills for everything. My husband and I see a functional medicine doc, and they really emphasize finding the underlying cause of illness and treating the patient as a whole rather than just medicating symptoms. A lot of them seem to have a pro-paleo, whole foods emphasis as well.