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  • Money issue

    I know this isn't a primal-related topic but everyone on here seems intelligent, so I figured I'd ask...

    I have a bit of an emergency. I need to come up with $6000 by the end of the summer (preferably a little before the end of the summer... so let's say the end of July) in order to pay for my half of an apartment. I'm a female college student in NYC with a lot of skills, an excellent resume, work experience, GPA, etc... but my current internship is unpaid and I can't imagine that babysitting or dogwalking could earn me all that much, even if I did it every single day.

    I'm willing to do almost anything... sell things, clean bathrooms, stand outside a restaurant dressed as a taco... you name it. desperate times, desperate measures.

    Any suggestions would be HUGELY appreciated!

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    An employment agency or a few employment agencies. For temp jobs, they work. Usually they're pretty specific, so if you will take anything, you might have to register at a few - some staff only office work, some staff day laborers, etc.

    I don't know if you need to be told this because a very smart woman I know once fell for it - never pay an agency to find you a job. That's the employer's responsibility.

    Good luck!
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      Waitress, bartend, or strip is all I can come up with. You want to work for tips, a friendly smile and polite demeanor can go a long way.


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        Strip? I'm not a prude but I have two daughters, I'd hate to think someone was suggesting that they strip for the extra money. Waitressing seems like a reasonable alternative, bartending as well. Retain your dignity, don't lower yourself, somethings are more important then money, dignity and self esteem are two.


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          A while ago I made a decent extra income by selling cosmetics (Avon it was) in airport - not to the passengers, but to the staff. They are away from most shopping centres the whole day every working day, and were happy that somebody brings at least some of the things every woman needs (or uses anyway). And other good place was a hospital - nurses. In both places work is demanding but they have a minute or 2 to grab a face cream and lipstick. My bestsellers were peach face cream, beige golden lipstick and matching nail lacker.


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            You could make it dogwalking or petsitting. Summer is a busy season. I've made $600-$700 a month doing it on the side, and I work with people who make over $2500 a month - but they work 7 days a week, long days. The going rate in Charlotte is $15-$18 a visit, and 50% of people tip. The key is to be available all the time.

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              Magnolia-- for pet sitting, did you find your customers yourself, or did you use an agency?


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                I would suggest anything that pays tips on top of the wage. Not sure what tax laws in the States are like, but in Canada it's not too difficult to get away with not reporting the income. I know some girls who work in small, high-end restaurants and can walk off a shift where they waited on a table full of big wallets all night and have an $800 tip.


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                  Originally posted by runman1954 View Post
                  Strip? I'm not a prude but I have two daughters, I'd hate to think someone was suggesting that they strip for the extra money. Waitressing seems like a reasonable alternative, bartending as well. Retain your dignity, don't lower yourself, somethings are more important then money, dignity and self esteem are two.
                  Obviously not for everybody. Clearly not for you.

                  But a woman with the right skills and attitude can make a lot of money in adult entertainment. Unfortunately, there is a general misconception that it's fast money from easy work that anyone can do. Nothing could be further from the truth. So it's unlikely that someone who has never done it can earn the sort of money she is looking to earn in that timeframe.


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                    You could try selling a lot of your things on Craigslist. And make sure while you are earning all this extra money you spend absolutely nothing extra on anything. No Starbucks, no movies, nothing. If you are paying rent right now, see if you can find a way not to pay any rent. Move back home, move in with a sibling, couch surf, live in a campground, find an illegal garage apartment where you can live really super cheap, something.
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                      Look into donating plasma-you get paid to do it. Not much (usually a couple hundred bucks a month), but it's easy to do and doesn't take up too much time. Might be a way to supplement whatever else you do. I used to donate through a company called BioLife and I think they're all over the country. There's other places too.


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                        Make sure that you come up with a detailed and strict budget and stick to it. Do not waste any of the extra cash that you are able to come up with.
                        The above should be viewed as complete and utter nonsense.


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                          Sign up for It won't make you $6000, but it's easy supplemental income. You can easily make a few hundred dollars by summer time just by answering questions online in your spare time. I see you have internet access and spare time, as you are on here

                          Also, go to the bank and see if you can qualify for an FHA loan or down payment loan. If you have good credit, there are many options available for housing loans. You might however need a cosigner as you say you have no income. Maybe a parent?

                          You say you are a female college student, that tells me you're young enough for this option: Have you considered donating your eggs to a fertility clinic? When I was in college (not that long ago, 2006-2012) I would see poster ads for this kind of thing, offering $5000 for donating eggs. If you're comfortable with that, why not? You've got thousands.
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                            Depending on where you live, very good money can be made doing odd jobs or farm work. It's hard finding people willing to do that kind of work. I easily make $200-$300 cash a month just tending to chickens and fixing fences.


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                              You have 4 months, so that's $1,500 a month you need to come up with. Stripping is about your only option that isn't full time. I can make that tutoring, but not during the summer and I have an established clientele that love me. If you have experience you might be able to make that as a summer nanny, but you're going to have to provide educational enrichment and show that you're worth it (plus quit the unpaid internship). Maybe some combo of nannying and waitressing if you don't have the body to strip (I've heard it's fairly competitive in NYC).