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Anyone else use Inversion table?

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  • Anyone else use Inversion table?

    A few years ago (long before I went Primal) I had a bout of sciatica. Hobbling around really sucked and I was doing P90X at the time and had to completely hang that up for a while. I felt like though maybe if could just get stretched out right the pain would go away. I considered going to a chiropractor but I've never been into them and I have no use for pain killers.
    What I did was get an inversion table. Inverting seemed to help and I starting doing that like four or five times a day until I was back to pain free again and able to workout. Ever since then, and it's been years, I get on the table and invert every single morning. I sort of have a routine that I do in the mornings. I do inverted squats, sit ups and twist my back around a little. I rarely hurt anymore but I just want to make sure that my back stays healed and strong.
    I really don't have a question here, I'm just wondering if anyone else does the same thing. Anyone else Grok on upside down?

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    The inversion tables look awesome! I just cannot justify the cost of one of them right now. I've been standing at a desk for over 2 months now and my body has adjusted. However, when I sit down my lower back has some pain. I was considering a cheaper option with gravity boots.