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General stance on money and health

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  • General stance on money and health

    To what extent to you agree with the theory that money is valued more than health?

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    Is there a reference? I can't see that anyone that's lived for a while believes this. As for people that are more affluent being healthier, that's entirely different.
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      to the same extent that money is more valued than happiness
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        Originally posted by Antoinette View Post
        To what extent to you agree with the theory that money is valued more than health?
        I think the question is put badly. It depends on your age and state of health. Most young people are healthy; they don't really think about growing old and therefore don't really think about their probable deteriorating health as they age.

        There are stages of life, at least in Eastern Philosophy. The young are full of hormones and eager to get ahead, which often includes making as much money as is desired or as is possible. By 40 - 55 they are in full earning mode, children are grown, stress is reducing. By 65 people begin to realize their body is not as strong as it once was and their attention starts shifting to health, and sometimes religion.

        Therefore, it's a question of relative emphasis, and assumes young people are healthy. Some are not.
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          To paraphrase a journal entry I made not long after turning to PB 'If you'd have asked me two years ago which is more important between your diet and what you do for a living, I would have said the latter. I now know without doubt, its the former. I believe that more people learning this could effect a fundamental change in our society for the better'.
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            Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.
            Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health..."

            -Dalai Lama XIV