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    the thing that works the best for me concerning my hair is not sticking to one method but switching them up.
    i always try to go without washing as long as possible and have rinses in between with plain water or with some water that had some herbs infused in them, like chamomile. sometimes an apple cider vinegar rinse. it is as they say, it's about hanging in there and conditioning (no pun your hair to not being washed. when i do wash my hair i will use baking soda one time, my homemade soap the next. i sometimes make a neutral coloured henna powder mix and use that on the scalp. it works. sometimes i'll rinse with apple cider vinegar sometimes i don't. mixing up the methods works best for me rather than sticking to just the one.


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      I've used soap/shower gel and shampoo perhaps three times this year.
      I don't smell. Much.

      Back in December I decided to try going soap/shampoo free, my skin's always been a little dry and had mild dandruff, despite having 'receding hairline'/bald and closely cropped hair. My face meanwhile has been a little greasy. None of these were too bad and pretty much 'normal'.
      I bought a couple of body and face brushes and use flannels more than I did before. I also started supplementing with Cod Liver Oil caps and Vitamin D3.
      The first week or two I was very conscious of the change - I worried about odours that I may not be picking up but friends/colleagues may and my skin showed no real improvement or change.
      After a month or so it became apparent I had turned a corner - my skin became tighter and almost glows. The dryness and greasiness has disappeared as has the dandruff. When I shower it's like I have an invisible shield; the water beads like on a freshly waxed car. Don't get me wrong, there is no oiliness or grease - it's just skin working the way it should.

      I've used soaps/gels very rarely if I've been properly grubby after working on the car or similar - not much choice then as dirty oil and grime will not shift otherwise.

      FTR I use cidal soap to wash my hands after the bathroom and sometimes for food preparation.


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        Oops! Should add I use alum block as anti-perspirant for underarms too.


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          Originally posted by Traveller View Post
          Fastcat, could you tell us more about the soap? What's it made of, etc. I couldn't find much information on the website.
          I'm sorry I can't - email them and ask; I just ordered ten bars for myself and friends I'll post you a review after they arrive.

          $5 a bar seems like a good deal for a good cause! I know my friend makes the soaps in his oven so I am willing to bet the ingredients are simple.
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            If you don't know what advice to follow, then just experiment.

            I stopped washing my face with products years ago because I have sensitive skin. Then I stopped washing my hair, and then switched to only washing my balls, ass and pits with soap. I shower every day of course.

            My hair is soft, and better quality than my girlfriends who has a typical routine (shampoo and conditioner, if not more products). My skin is soft and acne free.
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              Sigh. Sometimes I wish I had short hair. It sounds so low maintenance.


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                The advantage of being a slap-head.