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  • My New Blog on Health and Nutrition

    Hi everyone,
    I have recently created a new blog. I left my old blog because I was not feeling so passionate about it, or maybe I just created it at the wrong time. I have this new blog now which looks cleaner, simpler, and more lively! Now that I have graduated, I have more time to devote posts to it and I'm hoping its at least 3 times a week.

    I am feeling very passionate about this new blog. I'm 23 years lived and on the path to learn and experience health, and all natural foods. I would very much appreciate your support, advice, and sharings to learn from you all.

    I hope you like my new blog, and please don't forget to subscribe/follow and send me a message to meet you. I have a good appetite to meet new people, specially people who are into health and adventures.

    Here is the link to my blog as well as to my post on my transition from a messy and unhealthy lifestyle to becoming a happier, more confident, and healthier version of myself.

    From beer to green smoothies.


    My health story: from beer to veggies. | VIBRANTE
    My Health and Nutrition Blog