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How to fix these nasty pores on my face?

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  • How to fix these nasty pores on my face?

    Especially on my nose, i thought they were blackheads, but apparently they're sebacious filaments and everyone has them. Size and shape are determined by genetics. But surely I can do something about them...They look so inflamed and unhealthy!

    My diet is pretty on point, mostly grass fed beef, butter, broccoli, leafy greens, coconut oil, occasional berries, maple syrup, sugar in small amounts in seasonings.



    Anyone have any advice?
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    I suggest you consult a dermatologist, perhaps he/she could recommend some form of cream or ointment to restrict the pores.


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      Thanks for the reply Andrew, but I'm not a fan of creams and ointments, i feel like there must be a Primal way to do it.


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        Are you following a paleo/primal diet? If so, for how long? It took a few months for my skin to improve. Washing with a bit of baking soda helped me. It seems to help smooth things out. Also, I don't use any soaps on my face. I use tea tree oil if I have an outbreak.
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          Originally posted by namelesswonder View Post
          Are you following a paleo/primal diet? If so, for how long? It took a few months for my skin to improve. Washing with a bit of baking soda helped me. It seems to help smooth things out. Also, I don't use any soaps on my face. I use tea tree oil if I have an outbreak.

          yeah, sorry, the part about my diet was below the pics but i edited them to the top of the original post


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            Baking soda and milk or buttermilk, mixed into a paste. Steam yourmpores open with a hot washcloth forca minute or two. Glob the paste on, rub ***gently*** for a minute or so, and rinse with warm water. Once or twice per week.

            For daily use, order some swedish egg white soap. I use this brand: Lanolin-Agg-Tval Swedish Eggwhite Soap - 1 Box of 6 - 50g bars: Beauty

            It lasts forever and after 9 months, my pores are now almost invisible.


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              That's my face, too. Actually, almost exactly. I avoid nightshades, bad oils, and dairy, and eat plenty of antioxidant-rich food like chocolate, berries, green tea, dandelion, and saturated fat. Almost any amount of vegetable oil or peanut, soybean, etc. will turn my face red and open the pores. Tea and avoiding the triggers will keep my pores small. And never wash your face with anything but water. Sun exposure helps. And especially dandelion root tea, fresh-picked roots only.
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                you could put the coconut oil on your face, my nose looked similar to yours and it improved after oil cleansing
                yeah you are

                Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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                  I would try avoiding all dairy products for at least a month, keeping your diet as clean as possible. Also, regular direct sunlight will help enormously (being of course careful not to over-expose)
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                    Originally posted by troubledstudent View Post
                    sugar in small amounts in seasonings.
                    Never underestimate sugar. Even the kind in all those syrups.

                    I just come after a week of eating corn flakes with raisins & milk 4x and had homemade chocolate 3x (lots of sugar) and besides feeling like a train ran over me, I already got a couple of painful zits and blackheads are creeping all over my face. I also have insulin spots - lots of moles on my legs, back & chest that simply go away when VLC. I wasn't even that overweight on a SAD diet & I'm only 24 but sugar wrecked me forever, I'm just that sensitive to it. Can't wait to see what it does to me when I'm older. I had awful acne as a teen & it disappeared when I cut it out at 20 yo.

                    I can feel the inflammation coming on when I do this, thankfully it's summer otherwise I would have gotten a nasty bout of flu too (it suppresses the immune system). You're lucky it's just affecting your pores. I just have to remind myself from time to time what it felt like before discovering this.

                    You have to cut'em out of you plan for a significant period of time to see what's the biggest culprit - sugar itself, the fruit or the dairy (even butter). It's just that - be a little stricter.

                    When I began this diet people around me started to compliment on my skin & were shocked at the difference it made. It really improved my complexion, minimised pores & evened out coloring & I don't use any sort of cosmetics & creams. They all say they can't give up bread & sweets and are trying to find ways to get these results without changing their eating habits. That's how memorable my acne is, even after 4 years ) They're annoying me by complaining to me about all the new stuff they're trying like I was the one getting those for them )
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                      And for the 'WOW !' effect you have to up the fat. I remember someone telling me about how rosy my cheeks were all the time, that I was glowing after I really started to keep an eye on this (70-80% fat) & asked me if I had gotten a boyfriend ahahaha. I've seen this mentioned by others on LC forums. The higher fat (ketones probably) seems to improve circulation for the skin & brain, so better skin + good mental health = folks around (0.0)


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                        For a fairly natural exfoliator/skin conditioner you could try porridge oats wrapped into a muslin cloth and run under a hot tap until the liquid coming out runs cloudy; GENTLY 'brush' (rather than scrub) over your skin. The muslin will exfoliate, the oat water will sooth it. Rinse with cool water and pat dry. Cleavers (Galium aparine) tea might help too as that is a good blood tonic and can also be used as a rinse.


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                          My pores look just like yours. Through all types of diets and all kinds of Primal hacks, I still have them. I'm not saying there isn't a solution though, so if you find one, I'd be glad to know!


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                            have you considered diluted apple cider vinegar as a facial wash? its pretty good,cheap and probably worth a try, dilute it 1part to 3 parts water at first and no more than 50-50 if it helps (strong solutions dry the skin).
                            witch hazel can also improve the appearance of defined pores so might be worth trying.
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                              My pores have always looked like that too. I find soap and other harsh cleansers can make it worse. When I was younger I cared. But I realize that I'm the only one who ever noticed.