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Eating Well's Version of a 1200 calorie day/FUNNY. Fit for a bird!

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  • Eating Well's Version of a 1200 calorie day/FUNNY. Fit for a bird!

    I got an email today with a link to a video about what the magazine Eating Well advised was appropriate for a 1200 calorie day of food. It was pretty funny to compare that day to my day which comes in at 1264 cal with includes steak, chicken thigh, avocado, bacon and avocado and homemade mayo. Check out the video and then compare it to the food you will eat today. Sorry, it makes you watch a commercial first. Thank goodness for Primal!

    What a 1,200-Calorie Diet Looks Like

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    Oh its not so bad.. Barring the rice, those three meals combined looks like a decent lunch....


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      If I was eating 1200 calories a day, I'd be wasting away... there are days where that's a MEAL, not a daily intake.
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      The way "" should have looked:


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        How sad to think about having to measure 2 Tbs of hummus or count out 6 kalamata olives. And ONE wedge of Laughing cow cheese (light, of course)? I would be ravenous and miserble eating like that.


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          I almost don't bother making a meal if it isn't going to be at least 1200 calories.


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            That whole day would make me hungry, crabby and give me cravings. Where is the fat other than the oil at lunch? And it all looked pretty boring.


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              Yeah, those silly little girly meals will kill success every time. I have one big honkin' (for a girl) meal everyday, then spread whatever calories are left over to the rest of the evening. Even at 1500 or fewer calories per day, I can be totally satisfied. But ask me to eat a piece of salmon that's the size of a deck of cards, or to spread those calories over three CW meals, and I might as well go to the Goodwill now and pick up some size 20s because for me that's a total fail.
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                What I found funny is that even Eating Well couldn't come up with a dinner that looked decent and was under 350 calories.

                I know from experience that I start to go crazy eating like that. There's definitely no joy in food at all when I'm eating that way.


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                  I've watched soooo many coworkers and family members try this approach: small plates with adorable little portions (photos proudly uploaded to social media of course). But energy balance always has the last laugh and they simply opt for complete denial about all the spontaneous extras: the office candy dish, Starbucks mocha on the bus, and 1000 kcal of cinema snacks don't even register.

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