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  • No effect on husband

    After deciding to try Paleo about 3 weeks ago, my husband and I started with a clean whole diet. I saw instant results and have lost 10lbs (which I had gained while moving) but my husband has seen very little results. I am worried that he wont be able to pass his fitness test next month. I have followed paleo 95% in the past 2 weeks but my husband is probably like 75% or so. Also he seems to have the "carb-flu". The past few days he has come home and fell asleep on the couch. This is not like him at all he is a very active guy and usually even more active after work.

    What steps can I take to help him with is carb flu and to start his weight loss. Should I add more fat to the diet?

    wondering wife

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    What is a typical day of eating for him? He may not be eating enough and if he is getting hit by the low carb flu then yeah it'll knock you on your butt for a bit.

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      He eats alot. Not sure on his lunch but dinner is always lots of veggies and varying protein. Incorporate bacon, coconut oil and avocados but little results.


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        Honestly, without a list of what he's actually intaking, we can't help.

        He may not have enough carbohydrate for his particular needs, or enough protein, etc.

        Likewise, how much weight does he need to lose -- what are his stats generally (height, weight, estimated body fat percentage)? And is he also doing things like lifting heavy/etc? Because if so, his body comp could be changing without his weight changing.

        We really can't help until we have more information.


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          Also, he might be cheating on the diet at work. I've worked with many women who started eating a healthier diet, and their husband's eat along with them for breakfast and dinner. But, at work they buy snacks, eat unhealthy lunches, and grab something unhealthy on the way home. They may not even tell you about it because they are ashamed of it, or just plain addicted.

          Because they are consistently cheating at work, the diet doesn't work as well, and they don't lose weight. Perhaps that's happening with your husband, too?


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            Originally posted by zabe1girl View Post
            I have followed paleo 95% in the past 2 weeks but my husband is probably like 75% or so.
            It's hard to give any pointers without knowing his stats and what a typical day looks like. Also, to get the best results, especially at the beginning, it's go heavy or go home. Also, if you treat this as a quick-fix diet instead of a lifestyle change you'll most likely crash and burn.


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              Zabegirl, congratulations on your decision to clean up your diet and for the great results you have experienced so far which are a tribute to your commitment.

              My feeling is that your husband's results are not really up to you. If the thought of failing his fitness test is not enough to motivate him, then nothing much you can say will help. Beyond following the plan yourself, and serving as many primal meals as he is willing to eat, the rest is up to him. You should be aware that he may need a greater quantity of food, especially protein, than you do. So I would persist in serving generous quantities in the hope that he won't feel tempted to fill up on bread. Then just step back, and continue with your own journey.

              Good luck.
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                Two weeks? Not enough time to have any real results. If this physical test is really important, he should start the diet afterwards. A low carb diet will zap many people's strength for the first few months. At the very least, he should eat more starchy vegetables like potatoes and perhaps more fruit.
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