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Raw vegan apparently includes cereal, soy milk and refined sugar now...

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    Originally posted by Iron Fireling View Post
    Yah, cause in Australia we have no fruit?! (Umm yeah...). And somehow a box of crappy cereal, SUGAR and SOY MILK are good?! With no protein or fat... omg. (In fact let's DILUTE the soy milk to reduce that fat and protein even further! Yummo...).

    Look, I kind of GET the fruit thing. Fruit is real and natural, you can pluck it straight off the tree etc. etc. so there is a bizarre kind of logic to eating fruit... but this?! Weird. Really weird.

    And yeah, even if you can't get high quality organic fruit, I'd STILL SAY fruit is better than what he was eating. Hahahaha... well he's right about being skinny.
    I was a raw vegan in Australia and it was amazing actually. Oz has the *best* produce I've ever tasted, even just the conventional. Luckily there was a farmers market only a klick or two down from my friend's place, so I was able to just walk to get my own fresh groceries whenever I wanted it was fantastic lol.

    So... Anyone who has trouble getting food in Australia is an idiot. On my jogs I'd see food in the trees o__o! Just, y'know, hanging out in people's yards and on the sides of the roads and stuff. No bigs o___O


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      I saw the video ... I don't understand why DR bothers at all with the cereals and soy "milk", why not pure sugar diluted in a bit of water ? He keeps saying that carb is the stuff he needs for the upcoming race or whatever physical event he will be in, no ?

      So maybe, just maybe, some part of his subconscious mind is suggesting that cereals do not only contain carbs but also a little bit of other things, and that he does need those ... same for the soy milk ...