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  • Migraines: Help!

    I have been primal for approximately 8 weeks and for the last six weeks I have been suffering from a constant migraine. It waxes and wanes, but it has been lingering for that long. What gives?? Could I be deficient of a certain nutrient/s? I thought it may be a hint of the carb flu at first, but the duration of this beast has me thinking otherwise. I have tried massage, chiropractic adjustments and therapies, excedrin and total elimination of dairy, nuts and nightshade veggies. Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    How is your hydration? Make sure you are getting enough electrolytes, esp. sodium & magnesium. There has been a lot of info linking magnesium deficiency to migraine occurrence.

    And if a migraine went on that long, I would either increase carbs or see a doctor ASAP. How are you functioning?! I hope you find relief soon.
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      I second the suggestion to supplement magnesium. I pretty much always get a migraine if I allow myself to become dehydrated and forget to take my magnesium.

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        Thanks for the advice! I'm definitely not dehydrated, but I am intrigued about the magnesium. Will try... Thanks again!