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Really struggling with becoming primal in college...



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  • Really struggling with becoming primal in college...

    Hello! My name's Julia and I'm currently in college, hoping to make the transition to living primally.
    The problem is that I've been a vegetarian for pretty much the past 11 years of my life. This past summer and the summer before that I started eating meat again, since I could make my parents buy it from local, humane sources, but now that I'm at school I just don't know how to eat. I have major carb addiction problems, and I'm fairly certain those problems come from my lack of protein/fat consumption. I just found out I have low hemoglobin (basically low iron) and I know I need to eat more meat, but I'm really struggling with the morality of that. The meat here comes from awful sources, and I really don't want to contribute to those animals suffering. I don't think I can be vegetarian anymore, though- I'm tired, hungry, and moody. I'm sure if I just started eating some chicken, I'd feel better, but I know where it comes from and it's so sad, plus there's weird crap in it. Growth hormones and whatnot. Does anyone know what the best meats to eat are that come from factory farms? I know beef is no good, since it's grain-fed and high in omega-6 fats, but there's gotta be some kinds of meat that I can eat without feeling like a terrible person and without loads of hormones and chemicals. I also know that I can get iron from kale and spinach, but I think my body's reached its limit and just needs some meat at this point.

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    Are all your meals provided? If so, what kind of things, how much choice etc.? Do you cook at all? Do you eat out? Are there shops nearby?


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      Take your time. If you can afford it, have some of the top-end free range meat from the supermarket, to get you going. Then look into other organic providers - organic markets or farm shops you might be able to access. Don't stress if you occasionally eat regular meat in a restaurant / cafe - especially in the first few months.
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        If you can find humane meat, great. If not, eat organic dairy, eggs (if you are okay with them ethically), butter, seafood, gelatin. Gelatin is amazing for upping protein.

        Ps. Lean beef is the best for non-organic/non-grassfed. Avoid chicken and pork.
        HCLF: lean red meat, eggs, low-fat dairy, bone broth/gelatin, fruits, seafood, liver, small amount of starch (oatmeal, white rice, potatoes, carrots), small amount of saturated fat (butter/ghee/coconut/dark chocolate/cheese).

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          I have a similar problem in Singapore, I've basically become a high carb (rice), low fat, low meat diet. I'm eating beef whenever I can, but avoiding chicken and pork. As far as animal cruelty goes, beef is typically the best of the worst and same goes for health.
          Eggs are a mixed bag. Most eat out places use battery (you can tell by the white yolks) but free range is easy enough to buy and not expensive.

          Remember that paleo/primal is flexible. If you can't get meat then fill it with whatever else you can get.
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            Hey guys! Thanks for all the advice. Well, I got over my moral issues with the animal production after noticing how much better I'm feeling already. My body was really needing meat I guess...
            I went into town to the organic-y grocery store and bought some bacon, chicken sausage, eggs, and beef burgers...oh yeah, and string cheese I don't know if that's strictly primal but I'm easing into it.
            But yeah, I've just been eating whatever the most available primal food is here. Salad with chicken on top, eggs, tuna salad...I'm feeling so much better. I no longer get light-headed when I stand up, my energy levels are much more stable, and I don't get hungry an hour after eating. Yay