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What are your opinions on my doctor's solution for constipation?

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    Prunes definitely. They contain sorbitol which works in much the same way as that laxative. It also provides food for good gut bugs.

    Also magnesium really does help. And much fatty goodness.


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      Don't forget squatting. Regardless of stool consistency, proper elimination posture will help. If you are new to squatting, try a minute of crab-walking before you get on the toilet. And hang out for a minute or two, before 'trying'.

      Lots of good threads on this topic on the forum.


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        My naturopathic dr. Suggested that it is often less advantageous to use laxatives, rather try enemas for a short time...her theory is that it can cause damage and continued constipation from staring using the upper muscles involved. It made sense to me (had terrible issues from pharma meds) and took less than a week to correct 6 mos of constipation (as in only able to "go" 2x per wk!). I know, TMI, but the pain and discomfort should not be suffered!


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          If you're needing immediate relief, I'd try senna capsules or liquid magnesium citrate(10 ounce bottle followed by 24 ounces of water). The 24 ounces of water and then as many liquids as you can tolerate thru the day are important to prevent dehydration and maintain kidney function. Either one can clean you out in around 12 hours.

          I read a study a while ago about high fiber diets NOT relieving constipation, if I find the link, I'll post it for you.

          After you get some immediate relief, you could try the miralax for a while to keep things regular while you're taking the minocycline
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            Found it:

            Stopping or reducing dietary fiber intake reduces constipation and its associated symptoms
            Some people just need a sympathetic pat... On the head... With a hammer.


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              I second (fourth?) the magnesium and drinking more water. (I mean, unless you're drinking tons already). Try probiotic foods instead of the supplement - esp. ones like real sauerkraut which has fiber and probiotic for ya!
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                First and foremost I would recommend getting a second opinion. Perhaps a naturopath.

                I went to an MD doctor about, erm, bowel issues. She prescribed the fiber stuff to take daily. Ick. I'm not sure whether or not it worked because I quit taking it after about a week. I went and got a second opinion from another clinic (an RNP, actually) and she recommended I go to the store and buy probiotics. The probiotics worked for me, and I take them whenever I start getting these "issues." They are also cheaper than the fiber crud. I would try other options before succumbing to the prescription--remember, doctors are sales persons for pharma--they do honestly try to help you, but typically recommend medication as the first solution. I would recommend to get a second opinion, but also just go to the store and try buying some probiotics. It makes sense because changes in bacteria change your stools. Every time I get on antibiotics I see this happening, and the probiotics change it too.
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                  I used to take psyllium (husk) daily for years and years with my morning coffee. Would make the poop just fly out.

                  this one is cheap and has a very fine texture: Source Naturals, Psyllium Husk Powder, 12 oz (340 g) -

                  It rapidly absorbs a large quantity of water, so mix it in a drink and either drink it right away or let it stand a bit but expect it to be slippery and perhaps unappetizing at that point. I got used to it and didn't mind it as a beverage supplement.

                  I am out of the habit of taking it now that I am more primal. Eating a lot of vegetables is typically sufficient to be good. Magnesium and more water intake are good ideas also.
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                    What are your opinions on my doctor's solution for constipation?

                    Magnesium and drinking hot liquids help.

                    High protein, low fat/carb stops you up. Either increase fat or carbs. Either works. You'll probably get a ton of advice to either effect. (Meaning omg eat moar carbs! Omg eat moar fat!!)

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